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What’s Next for the Deadpool Movie Franchise?

Photo from the set of Deadpool - Plans for a Deadpool Movie Franchise?

After a Huge Opening, You Can Bet on a Deadpool Movie Franchise

Following a massively successful opening for Deadpool, writers of the movie have decided to answer some questions regarding the future of the Deadpool movie franchise.

Unlike the bigger, traditional $150 million budgets for other Marvel entries, Deadpool was made with a “modest” $58 million, and this is an aspect that the creators would like to keep. Deadpool’s “small and gritty world,” as they describe it, is the one that the fans love, and turning it into a space shooter in the future with aliens is not something they have planned. This comes as a response to ideas regarding not only the role of Cable, a time traveling mutant known to Marvel fans, but also about any other X-Men that might appear.

Another question raised was about the possibility of a PG-13 version of Deadpool. With plans to release an X-Force movie eventually, which might be PG-13, fans everywhere wonder how the R-rated hero will fit in, and the answer is that Deadpool is the only character that could do it.

“That could be fun for us. We get to break rules like that. Deadpool knows he’s in a movie, if he knows he’s in an R-rated movie and now he’s in a PG-13-rated movie, he’s probably gonna be frustrated by that. We would play to that, actually,” said Rhett Reese, one of the writers. He also added that they would try to push the boundaries of what PG-13 means and stands for.

Up until this point, the most profitable character in the X-Men movie franchise was Wolverine, which changed dramatically considering that Deadpool’s opening weekend grossed more than Wolverine’s entire domestic box-office earnings. This unprecedented success of an R-rated film opens up the option of creating an R-rated Wolverine film, which is something the fans have been eagerly awaiting for quite a while, and this is an idea that has already been put into motion.

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