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Casey Affleck to Star in Gritty Sci-Fi Vigilante Thriller ‘Villain’

Artwork of a mysterious villain - Casey Affleck Villain movie script picked up for production

Casey Affleck has cooked up a script for the Villain movie about a psychic vigilante, and it sounds … kind of awesome.

While his brother Ben Affleck is busy mastering his Batman voice, Deadline has revealed that Casey has been in talks to get his movie idea produced. His script for the Villain movie was recently picked up by Black Bear Pictures and will be produced by Teddy Schwarzman and Ben Stillman, who produced the Oscar-winning 2014 drama thriller, The Imitation Game.

Seemingly out of left field, lauded Swedish director Mikael Marcimain (Call Girl, Gentlemen) has been selected to direct the film, which is being launched for buyers later this year at the American Film Market.

casey affleck villain

Casey Affleck not looking very much like a villain. Photo courtesy of Виктория666Линк06, CC4

What is the premise for Villain?

Villain follows an average man (played by Affleck) who loses everything after a home invasion gone wrong robs him of his family and sends him to the hospital with two bullets lodged deep inside his brain. After he recovers, he develops the ability to see into people’s past, present, and future, and sets out to find the men who killed his family with his newfound gift. While searching for his family’s murderers, he becomes determined to “clean up the streets” and takes on the role of a vigilante who punishes the criminals just out of reach of the law. With great power comes great responsibility, however, and Affleck has lost sight of that. His vigilante acts become more frequent and more brutal until he begins to be viewed by the city he set out to protect as the stuff of nightmares.

Does Casey know that this is really similar to his brothers latest project, Batman?

Very similar to Batman, actually: the vigilante’s power grows alongside his infamy until he becomes the feared titular Villain. I’m thinking the film, which is being described as “gritty,” will be a sort of mashup between Batman, the Crow, and the Punisher, but with mind-reading psychic abilities tossed in for fun, and shot in the dark, urban style utilized in Dredd and Sin City.

What do you think about the Villain movie? Is this “sci-fi” enough for you? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments!

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