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UPDATE: All the U.S.Avengers State Cover Variants Have Been Revealed

U.S.Avengers state cover variants

Not only did all 50 states, and Washington DC get a U.S.Avengers variant cover, Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK did as well.

With a little over a month to go before the launch for the U.S.Avengers, all 50 state cover variants have been revealed, as well as covers for DC, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the UK. Including the traditional cover, that’s 55 covers total, though apparently there are also these variants, because, why not:

  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 Ryan Stegman 1:25 Variant
  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 Skottie Young Variant
  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 Action Figure Variant
  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 Blank Variant
  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 IvX Variant
  • U.S.AVENGERS #1 Hip Hop Variant

Which means there are 61 covers total. For one comic. Now, at the time of the original piece, they has revealed 8 covers, and I guessed at the remaining 44 (not knowing they planned on having covers for the UK and DC yet). How’d I do? 10 right, 34 wrong. Yee-ouch! That’s not even a great batting average. In my defense, many of the picks seem pretty random, so I’m not sure most people could have predicted them. Anyway, here is a gallery of all 54 state and “honorary state” covers (minus those 6 other reported variants) including the official, regular cover, and a list of all the States and Avengers.

All 50 U.S.Avengers State Cover Variants, Plus DC, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the UK

Cover Images: Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

The List of Official, Confirmed U.S.Avengers Cover Variants

Alabama – Lady Thor

Alaska – Hellcat

Arizona – Nova

Arkansas – Tigra

California – Iron Man

Colorado – Hercules

Connecticut – Black Widow

Delaware – Captain America

Florida – Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Georgia – U.S. Agent

Hawaii – Havok

Idaho – She-Hulk

Illinois – Beast

Indiana – Winter Soldier

Iowa – Hawkeye

Kansas – Sentry

Kentucky – Cannonball

Lousiana – Spectrum

Maine – Scarlet Witch

Maryland – Sam Wilson as Captain America

Massachusetts – Captain Marvel

Michigan – The Thing

Minnesota – Quake

Mississippi – Rogue

Missouri – Whizzer

Montana – Two-Gun Kid

Nebraska – D-Man

Nevada – Red Hulk

New Hampshire – Spider-Man

New Jersey – Ms. Marvel

New Mexico – Hulk

New York – Luke Cage

North Carolina – Namor

North Dakota – Machine Man

Ohio – Black Knight

Oklahoma – Thor

Oregon – Sunspot

Pennsylvania – Doctor Strange

Rhode Island – Iron Fist

South Carolina – Marvel Boy

South Dakota – Jack of Hearts

Tennessee – The Wasp

Texas – Firebird

Utah – Totally Awesome Hulk

Vermont – Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady)

Virginia – Quicksilver

Washington – Jocasta

Washington DC – Vision

West Virginia – Valkyrie

Wisconsin – Quasar

Wyoming – Red Wolf

Canada – Deadpool

Puerto Rico – White Tiger

The UK – Captain Britain

Update 11-15-16: Canada and Texas U.S.Avengers Covers Revealed

Marvel has revealed two more cover variants, bringing the confirmed total to 35 of 52. 16 states and Puerto Rico are left. So, who’d they reveal? Deadpool for Canada, and Firebird for Texas.

US Avengers Cover Variant for Texas, Firebird US Avengers Cover Variant for Canada, Deadpool

I suppose I should have seen Deadpool coming for Canada, but I really thought Wolverine had it all sewn up as far as the Canadian cover. Oh well. I’m now 6 – 25 with my guesses.

UPDATE 10-27-16: 25 More U.S.Avengers State Cover Variants Have Been Revealed!

Whoa!  OK, so more state covers have been coming out on the sly, but thanks to an eagle-eyed and kind commenter (strife), yours truly is back on the case. I have found an additional 25 revealed state covers, so with the first 8 that were initially revealed, we now know the Avengers for 33 of the proposed 52 cover variants. Wait, aren’t there 50 states? Well, yeah, but Canada and Puerto Rico get to be part of the fun too. So, here’s the updated, confirmed list:

[List Finalized and moved to the beginning of the article.]

Phew! Only 19 to go. Oddly, there’s a large swath of Middle America that missing from the list.

Now, despite wanting to maybe not admit to some of my guesses below, you might be wondering how I did with my guesses after the initial 8 were revealed. (Or you might not care. I know, shocking, but I might not factor into your day…) Anyway, I’m 6 – 23 with my guesses so far. (That adds up to more than were revealed, but some of my guesses for other states, such as Quicksilver for Carolina, came up assigned elsewhere. Got the Avenger right, missed the state. Which means I missed twice on some. Oof.) In my defense, some of these Avengers they’re assigning seem at least, and possibly even more arbitrary that many of my guesses. She-Hulk for Idaho? Maybe potatoes help keep her healthy?

So, in addition to the eight original covers, here are the additional 25 covers for your viewing pleasure:

Original Post, 9-22-16 – Marvel Has Revealed 8 of the U.S.Avengers and State Pairings

Marvel’s new U.S.Avengers comic comes out in January 2017, and to celebrate the launch, Marvel will be giving each of the 50 states their very own U.S.Avengers variant, all drawn by artist Rod Reis. And each cover will feature a different superhero Marvel has selected as the “Avenger” for that state. In addition, Canada and Puerto Rico will also be getting variants, bringing the total to 52 covers. And thanks to BuzzFeed, we have a look at 8 of the cover variants.

The 8 U.S.Avengers Cover Variants We Know About

So, here are the 8 covers that have been revealed so far:

If you’re curious who’s going to be on the rest of the covers, you’ll have to wait until January 2017 to find out. However, because this is too fun an opportunity to pass up, I’m going to list who I think might show up for each state I can come up with something for. Then, for the remaining states, I’ll just assign random Avengers / Heroes. Keep in mind, this list is completely speculative, and not based on any verified info.

The Speculative List of U.S.Avengers Cover Variants

Now, historically, there have been a lot of different heroes on the rosters of the Avengers. And I’ll be dipping into that history for some picks, in addition to working from the current rosters as much as I can.  But even then, I’m pretty sure I’ll be unable to fill out all the picks, so I’ll probably be including some choices that may not have actually been Avengers. Basically, I’m saying there will be some stretches:

Alabama – Simon Garth / Zombie (Guessed Wrong)

  • He’s from Birmingham, he’s showed up in Spider-Man and Daredevil comics, and in the Marvel Zombies series, was recruited by Phil Coulson to join the Howling Commandos. Plus, how cool would a Zombie Avenger be?

Alaska – Scott Summers / Cyclops (Guessed Wrong)

  • Yeah, he’s traditionally a member of the X-Men. But, he’s an Alaskan native, and earlier in the year, there were some interesting hints that he might be a future member of the Avengers.

Arizona – Amadeus Cho (Guessed Wrong)

  • He’s part of the current Avengers lineup and he hails from Arizona.

Arkansas – Buford Hollis / Razorback (Guessed Wrong)

  • From Texarkana, showed up in Spider-Man, and after the Civil War comics, served as part of the Avenger’s Fifty States Initiative as a member of the Arkansas team, The Batallion.

Colorado – Peter Quill – Star-Lord (Guessed Wrong)

  • Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy (played by Chris Pratt in the MCU), and Colorado Native.

Florida – Ant-Man / Scott Lang (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Scott Lang was born in Florida, has spent a lot of time in the Avengers, and is a key part of the current MCU.

Georgia – John Walker / U.S. Agent (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Avengers member, a replacement for Captain America at one time, and a native of Georgia.

Hawaii – Alex Summers / Havok (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Former member of the Uncanny Avengers, and a native of Hawaii.

Iowa – Clint Barton / Hawkeye (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • He’s a key member of the past and current Avengers, he’s heavily involved in the current MCU, and he’s from Iowa.

Kansas – James Madrox / Multiple Man (Guessed Wrong)

  • Born in New Mexico, but raised on an isolated farm in Kansas. Primarily part of X-Factor and X-Men, but had dealings with the Fantastic Four, and has served alongside those who were / are Avengers, such as Quicksilver and Sunspot.

Kentucky – Sam Guthrie / Cannonball (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • He’s a member of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup and a Kentucky native. ‘Nuff said.

Massachusetts – Carol Danvers / Mrs. Marvel (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • She’s in the current Avengers lineup, she’s from Boston, and she’s got a movie coming out, so Marvel will definitely want to keep the interest level high for Mrs. Marvel.

Mississippi – Anna Marie / Rogue (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • She’s a field leader for the Ultimate Avengers, a favorite with fans, and hails from Mississippi.

Montana – Red Wolf (Guessed Wrong)

  • Another mantle that has been taken on by multiple characters, Red Wolf was the first Native American superhero for Marvel, and first appeared in the pages of The Avengers.

Nebraska – Ted Sallis / Man-Thing (Guessed Wrong)

  • From Nebraska (well, Sallis is…) and he’s fought alongside many of the Avengers, such as Captain America and The Hulk.

Nevada – Roger Brokeridge / Hardball (Guessed Wrong)

  • Member of the Nevada superhero team The Hardhitters, formed as part of the Avengers Fifty States Initiative after the events in Civil War.

New Jersey – Janet Van Dyne / The Wasp (Guessed Wrong)

  • She’s from New Jersey, she’s part of the current Avenger’s line-ups, and she debuting in the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

New Mexico – Thaddeus Ross / Red Hulk (Guessed Wrong)

  • Now, the birthplace of “Thunderbolt” Ross has never been revealed as far as I know, but his time at the nuclear research facility in New Mexico is a key part of his history. Also, he’s part of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup.

North Dakota – Dakota North (Guessed Wrong)

  • No, that’s not a typo. Dakota is a PI who’s worked with Spider-Man, Punisher, Daredevil and Luke Cage, and she’s friends with Jessica Jones, all currently hot properties. No idea if she’s from ND, but, well…

Ohio – Bruce Banner / The Hulk (Guessed Wrong)

  • Yep, Bruce Banner was born in Dayton, Ohio. And, well, he’s one of the Avengers all stars.

Oklahoma – Leonard Sampson / Doc Sampson (Guessed Wrong-ish, it was Thor)

  • Hails from Tulsa, has fought alongside The Hulk and the Avengers, and was at one point offered leadership of an Avengers team. (Also, this could very well be Thor, as he brought Asgard to Oklahoma during one story arc in the comics.)

Oregon – Cassandra Webb / Madame Web (Guessed Wrong)

  • An occasional ally of Spider-Man, native of Salem, and apparently immortal. Oh, also, she’s blind and generally confined to a chair.

Pennsylvania – Stephen Strange – Dr. Strange (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Strange has been a member of the Avengers, he’s got a movie coming out in November, and he’s a Philly native.

Tennessee – Katherine Waynesboro / Ms. MODOK (Guessed Wrong)

  • Spent time working with S.H.I.E.L.D., was made into a female version of MODOK before being reverted, was a lover of and assistant to Bruce Banner, and is from Tennessee.

Texas – Drew Daniels / Texas Twister (Guessed Wrong)

  • Showed up in Fantastic Four and The Hulk comics, and after Civil War, was part of the Avenger’s Fifty States Initiative, serving on the Texas team, The Rangers.

Utah – Wade Wilson / Deadpool (Guessed Wrong)

  • Wait, what? Well, Deadpool is a reserve member of the Uncanny Avengers, and he’s popular. Why Utah? Because he was recently voted their favorite superhero. And also, because as Weasel says in the movie, he looks like “Freddy Krueger face-[CENSORED] a topographical map of Utah.

Vermont – Eric O’Grady / Ant-Man (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Hey, there are already two Caps among the eight reveals, so why not two Ant-Men? O’Grady hails from Vermont and was part of the Secret Avengers. OK, he’s also dead … but is he really?

Virginia – Sharon Carter / Agent 13 (Guessed Wrong)

  • Virginia native, member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Secret Avengers.

Wisconsin – Craig Hollis / Mr. Immortal (Guessed Wrong)

  • He’s the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers (though they apparently had to change the name after a lawsuit from the Maria Stark foundation), and born in Wisconsin.

Wyoming – Melissa Gold / Songbird (Guessed Wrong)

  • Wyoming native, and member of the New Avengers led by Sunspot.

Canada – Wolverine (Guessed Wrong … really? Deadpool? Oh well…)

  • This is about as close to a sure thing as this list has. He’s Canada’s most famous mutant, he’s a fan favorite, he’s in the Avengers from time to time (including one of their current rosters), and he’s all over the movies right now, including a third movie that drops in March next year.

Puerto Rico – White Tiger / Hector Ayala / Angela Del Toro / Ava Ayala (Guessed RIGHT!)

  • Now, as far as I know, neither Hector or Angela ever served on the Avengers. But Hector (as I understand) was the first Puerto Rican superhero for Marvel and first holder of the White Tiger mantle. And Angela (Hector’s niece and fourth White Tiger) continued the legacy before Ava (Hector’s youngest sister and fifth White Tiger) took on the mantle. And, Ava was featured as part of the Avengers Academy and appeared in Mighty Avengers as well. So, I’d say Ava would be a solid choice for the cover.

The List of U.S.Avengers Cover Variants For Which I’ve Got Nothing

So, yeah. There are a dozen states that I’m drawing a blank on. So, here goes the random assigning.

Idaho – Pod (Guessed Wrong)

  • Pod’s a member of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup, and shares the first two letters with potato, which we all know Idaho is famous for. DONE!

Maine – Namor the Sub-Mariner. (Guessed Wrong)

  • Atlantis is located in the North Atlantic, Maine’s the northern-most state on the Atlantic coast … I’ll take it.

Michigan – Toni Ho / Iron Patriot (Guessed Wrong)

  • Detroit had a lot of car manufacturing going on, meaning metal, like the Iron Patriot. Also, she’s part of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup.

Minnesota – Squirrel Girl (Guessed Wrong)

  • She’s part of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup, and served on the Great Lakes Avengers, and Minnesota borders on Lake Superior.

Missouri – Hercules (Guessed Wrong)

  • Surely, Missouri wouldn’t turn down early Avenger Hercules?

New Hampshire – Vision (Guessed Wrong)

  • I bet Vision loves New Hampshire in the fall.

North Carolina – Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Guessed Wrong)

  • I’ll bet She-Hulk has visited NC before.

Rhode Island – Danielle Cage / Captain America (Guessed Wrong)

  • Also part of the initial U.S.Avengers lineup, and Luke Cage’s and Jessica Jones daughter who’s from a future where she is Captain America. And, uh, Rhode Island is close-ish to New York?

South Carolina – Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver (Guessed Wrong)

  • He’s probably sped through the state at some point.

South Dakota – Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch (Guessed Wrong)

  • Look, if her brother is getting South Carolina, she’d better get something too. Why not South Dakota?

Washington – Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Guessed Wrong)

  • He’s got to visit the West Coast at some point, and he’d probably love swinging around on the Space Needle.

West Virginia – Greer Nelson / Tigra (Guessed Wrong)

  • She’s a fighter and a lover (of being a fighter), and West Virginia’s (probably) also for lovers.

In Conclusion

OK. Well, there are some decent picks in there, but, well, some of those are admittedly a “little” thin. Any got better suggestions, especially for the “Dirty Dozen” at the end? If so, let me know. Or, if you just want to mock my lack of superhero knowledge and lame choices, you can do that too.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics / Rod Reis

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