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Updates on Duncan Jone’s Mute and James Franco’s Future World

Concept Art for Sci-Fi movie Mute

Duncan Jones Talks Sci-Fi movie Mute

Duncan Jones, whom you may be familiar with as the director of the upcoming Warcraft movie, is set to return to his sci-fi roots (after hitting the scene with sci-fi standouts Moon and Source Code) with an exciting new sci-fi movie Mute. So while you’re waiting for Warcraft’s June 10 premiere, take a moment to read about this new film, which may pique your interest, especially if you are a Bladerunner fan.

The movie is titled Mute, and it is being described by some as Casablanca set in the future, through the lens of Bladerunner, which is one of Jone’s favorite movies. Jones, artist Glenn Fabry, and comic label Dark Horse have been working on a Mute graphic novel for years, and Jones and writing partner Mike Johnson were thrilled at the chance to turn it into a movie. He wanted to try and squeeze the film in before taking on Warcraft, but the Blizzard epic sucked his time away. Mute takes place in a future version of Berlin, Germany, and centers on the mysterious kidnapping of a voiceless bartender as he’s searching for his girlfriend who has disappeared.

Panel from Mute graphic novel

Mute Graphic Novel: Dark Horse

Den of Geek caught up with Jones recently for an interview, and here’s what he had to say:

I’ve joked about it before, that it’s my Don Quixote. But it absolutely is my Don Quixote and it’s just been this incredibly challenging passion project to try and find a home for and get it made. I know we’ve found the right home for it—we haven’t announced it yet—but Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd and myself are going to be making this movie with a couple other people who haven’t been announced yet, and I’m thrilled. It’s just a great group of actors and I can’t wait to finally make this weird little film, which I think people are going to either love or hate, and I don’t care which.

Moody sci-fi, Skarsgard, and Rudd? Sign us up!

Featured Image: Mute Concept Art, Duncan Jones

James Franco’s Indie Post-Apocalyptic Future World

James Franco has been taking part in quite a few projects over the recent years, as a director, actor and producer, and it seems like he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Next up for Franco is co-directing and acting in a post-apocalyptic movie called Future World (which has absolutely nothing to do with the 1976 sequel to Westworld starring Peter Fonda). He’s co-directing with Bruce Thierry Cheung, who also co-wrote the script with Jay Davis and Jeremy Cheung, based off an original short story by Franco.

According to a recent Deadline article, the movie follows a young boy of noble birth who sets out on a journey traversing barren future wasteland in order to find medicine for his dying mother. Aided only by his faithful bodyguard, and a tenuous hope that the medicine actually exists, the young boy must contend with the Warlord of this new world, who has his own plans as he takes control of a beautiful, life-like robot assassin.

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil movie, now starring in Future World

Sony Pictures

So when it was recently announced that Milla Jovovich had joined the cast, we immediately assumed it would be as the robot, but she will actually be playing a drug lord from this bleak future. Franco and Jovovich are being joined in the cast by Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Lucy Liu and Jeffrey Wahlberg, in unspecified roles.  Wahlberg seems to be the most likely candidate for the young protagonist while Method Man would make an imposing bodyguard, and Snoop Dogg would be gold as a Warlord. And Lucy Liu? Yeah, she’s the robot assassin. Right?

Future World doesn’t have a set release date yet, but here’s to hoping it’s soon because it sounds pretty great.

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