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Two Persistent Rogue One Rumors Put to Rest

Rogue One Rumors squashed - No Han Solo or Hayden Christensen

There have been a lot of Rogue One rumors. There were the re-shoots that caused and are still causing various rumors to bubble up, character fates may or may not have been revealed, roles of key characters are hotly debated, and all the while Disney and the Rogue One cast and crew are mostly staying silent. Which, why wouldn’t they? This is all in service of keeping the movie fresh in our minds and ensuring we’ll be there for opening weekend, just to see what the Heck is actually going on. Well, in a rare moment of rumor-killing, director Gareth Edwards, and producer Kathleen Kennedy have dispelled two more recent cameo rumors and shed a little light the time period for Rogue One.

Will Han Solo Be in Rogue One?

The answer is a big, large, huge, NO. OK, Edwards and Kennedy were actually a lot more relaxed and casual when they relayed the news. Here’s how Edwards put it:

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do this, but I think I should…. Han Solo’s not in the movie.

So, there you have it. No Han Solo. This was also confirmed by Kennedy. She also laid to rest the rumor that Hayden Christensen will be showing up. This rumor started cropping up when Darth Vader was recently confirmed as appearing in the movie, and Christensen made recent comments that he’d be willing to return to the role. Well, that’s also not happening. Here’s how Kennedy replied when asked if Christensen was in the movie:

No, that is not true.

Simple, direct, efficient Rogue One rumor killing. Finally, there’s been a rumor that Rogue One ends literally 10 minutes before A New Hope begins. And while she didn’t confirm or deny a specific time frame, she did shed a little light on the connection to Episode IV:

I love that it has been reduced to that precise amount. It definitely leads into ‘New Hope’ that is very intentional, but it is a completely new and separate set of characters and it is a story that sits outside of anything anyone would necessarily know in ‘New Hope.’

Thanks to Star Wars Underworld for noticing the interview bits, which you can see here:

So, what do you think? Are there any other Rogue One rumors you wish they’d address?

Featured Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

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