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Indigo: Chris Colfer Makes a Glee-ful Return to TV with Sci-Fi Drama

Glee Star Chris Colfer Steps Off the Gymnasium Stage and Onto the Small Screen for Sci-Fi Drama Indigo

Ever since the high school acapella drama Glee ended in spring 2015, Chris Colfer, who played Kurt Hummel, has stepped out of the limelight. This all changed a few days ago when he announced his decision to return to television while simultaneously making his directorial debut with the sci-fi drama Indigo.

Plot Details on Indigo

Indigo will focus on a group of children who are supposedly suffering from physical and mental disabilities, but actually have supernatural powers. The show is inspired by a real-world “pseudoscientific New Age concept” developed by Nancy Ann Tappe in the 1970’s, and has continued to gain popularity over the following decades. Also known as crystal children or star children, some (usually the parents of children diagnosed with a disability) believe that Indigo children are the next stage in human evolution, may have abilities like telepathy or telekinesis, or simply that they’re extra creative. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they’re not indigo, nor any other shade of blue. I checked.

In Colfer’s sci-fi drama Indigo, the indigo children do in fact have extraordinary abilities, making them the target for shadowy organizations who want to use them for their own evil purposes.

Production Info for Indigo

indigo creator chris colfer at a press conference

Chris Colfer, creator of Indigo.

In addition to creating the story, and writing/directing the pilot episode, Colfer will be starring and executive producing alongside Keith Quinn (LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) and Rob Weisbach, who appears to be Colfer’s agent.

The show has not yet been picked up by anyone, but will be shopped around to broadcast, cable, and online streaming services.

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