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A New Hope For the Turkish Star Wars

Star Wars Art of Obi-Wan Kenobi - A New Hope For the Turkish Star Wars

Filmmaker and Historian Ed Glaser Has Found a 35MM Print of the Turkish Star Wars

Much like the Star Wars Holiday Special, most Star Wars fans have at least heard rumors of the Turkish Star Wars (officially titled The Man Who Saves the World). For those who aren’t familiar, the Turkish Star Wars, made in 1982, told the story of two Turkish space pilots who crash-land on a desert planet that is under the tyrannical rule of an evil wizard. And what better way to enhance that story than “borrowing” footage from Star Wars? Oh, and a good movie needs good music, right? So while they were at it, they also “borrowed” music from Flash Gordon, Moonraker, and Raiders of The Lost Ark.

But this exciting space opera bizarre attempt to cash in on Star Wars fever hasn’t been available in its original form since it was released theatrically in Turkey. Since that time, it’s only been seen in low-quality bootlegs. Now, however, thanks to Glaser’s find, that may change. So, how did he score the last remaining 35MM film print? Here’s the scoop from Neon Harbor, Glaser’s company:

“The 35mm print was discovered in the collection of a retired movie projectionist in northwestern Turkey. After its original exhibition, he kept it rather than returning it to the production company, lying that it had been damaged during projection.”

Glaser has (naturally) purchased the print. So, what does he plan to do with it?

A 35mm print of ‘Turkish Star Wars’ is the holy grail, not just of rip-off films, but all cult film. There are no negatives, and the few other prints of the film ever struck have been destroyed. My goal is to get this one scanned to preserve it for posterity — and hopefully screened in a theater for other fans like me.

Glaser later clarified, in comments to io9, that he doesn’t have the rights to the film itself, but just owns the physical print. His goal is to produce a restored 4K scan for archival purposes, and he hopes things can work out so that it does see a release down the road.

Turkish Star Wars Trailer

If you’ve never seen any of the Turkish Star Wars before, take a moment to watch the trailer for it.  It’s absolutely worth your time.

So, how about it? If Glaser is eventually able to have it released, would you go and see it?  Let us know what you think.

Featured Image: courtesy of Anthony Foti

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