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Tim Truman’s Post-Apocalyptic ‘Scout’ Comic Getting Big Screen Adaptation

Cover art for the Scout comic series, being adapted into a movie

The 1985 Scout Comic Series Has Been Picked Up by Studio 8

Tim Truman, the cowboy of comics, the wizard of the Wild West, the… uh, the guy who’s written a ton of comics, just got his long-running 1985 series Scout comic series picked up by Studio 8 for a big screen adaptation. Scout is a dystopic American wasteland adventure that follows an Apache ex-army ranger named Emanuel Santana as he attempts to rescue a young woman whose disappearance connects to an underground crime ring of human slavery, gangs, and corrupt government officials.

What is the plot of the Scout Comic?

The United States has become a third world country after “past ecological excesses had led other nations to levy vast sanctions against the US.” Wandering through the desolate countryside on a mental and spiritual journey of self-discovery, Santana stumbles into the dark underground of the post-apocalyptic underbelly of what used to be the wild, wild west, and uses his Army Ranger skills to right some of the many wrongs thriving in what’s left of the US.

The eco-political backdrop of the series is an important homage to Santana’s Apache heritage and traditions, even go so far as to play off the commonly seen Native American tropes, such as mystical and spiritual earth-based powers. Truman’s talent is for the gritty, violent, realistic imaginings of American culture, as seen in his other series’ Grimjack for First Comics, which follows a dystopic-Chicago based sword-for-hire, and Jonah Hex for DC Comics, about a grungy cowboy anti-hero defending the citizens of the Wild West (begrudgingly). In addition to his no-punches-pulled dark Americana style, Truman has also made a name for himself writing and illustrating with Dark Horse and Valiant Comics, including titles such as Star Wars and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. 

Who’s Handling the Scout Movie Adaptation?

Christopher MacBride (The Conspiracy) will be adapting and directing the Scout movie, though according to Deadline, Truman will be consulting on the adaptation. The sci-fi dystopic alternate history fiction will be produced by Braden Aftergood, with Eighty-Two Films, who recently enjoyed success helping produce Hell or High Water.

I discovered the WildStar comic miniseries when I was about 18, and it was a total accident. The truth is, if I had seen WildStar on a rack at the local comic shop (and coming from rural Georgia, when I say “local comic shop,” I naturally mean county flea market) I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at it. That was back before I understood that if you see great penciling, inking, and coloring (like Al Gordon and Jerry Ordway did for WildStar, which, incidentally, was their creation), then chances are you have a good story on your hands as well.

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Featured Image: Dynamite Entertainment / Tim Truman

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