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The Regional Office is Under Attack is Getting the Movie Treatment

Artwork of a car chase with alien spaceship - The Regional Office is Under Attack is being adapted into a movie

Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer will be directing the sci-fi comedy movie adaptation of The Regional Office is Under Attack.

Earlier this year, author Manuel Gonzales released his debut comedic sci-fi novel, about a secret organization of young female agents and operatives who are tasked with protecting an unknowing and unsuspecting Earth from a non-stop barrage of alien threats. Well, according to THR, MadRiver Pictures has picked up the movie rights to the book, and already signed on a director and writing team.

The Creatives Behind The Regional Office is Under Attack Movie Adaptation

Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) will be directing, and Jennifer Ames and Steve Turner (who both wrote on Boardwalk Empire) will be adapting the novel.

Fleischer and David Bernad of The District will be producing, along with MadRiver’s Marc Butan.

According to Fleischer, “It’s rare that you read a book so original and so funny that so clearly translates to a big, fun, commercial film. We feel very lucky Manuel has entrusted us with his first novel, and are excited to work with Ames and Turner and MadRiver to bring it to life.” Butan added that MadRiver was thrilled to be working with Ruben and his team on the adaptation, saying that “His ability to blend character, action and comedy is as good as it gets and he is a perfect fit for this project.

Any Other Details?

Not yet, no. The deal has just been announced, and though they have the director and writers lined up, it sounds like they still need to do the writing. So this’ll probably be a 2018 movie at the earliest, but based on the description, I’d be interested in checking this one out. Sounds kind of like Men In Black meets Kill Bill. Well, maybe not that violent. Sucker Punch? Anyway, I’ll be interested to hear more as it develops.


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