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The Next Captain America Movie: Civil War

Captain America Movie: Civil War

The Next Captain America Movie: Civil War

Long before the anticipated May 6, 2016, release date, the next Captain America movie, Civil War, continues to fuel old and new fans alike with perpetual rumors, confirmed appearances, and secret easter egg scenes. Social media has been very active regarding Captain America’s latest adventure, but what do we really know of the movie at this stage?

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After what feels like an eternity, it’s Finally here! The Captain America Civil War Trailer has landed and fans everywhere are going full nerd! Is it good? Does it offend your highly tuned nerd senses? Let us know in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War is loosely based on the Civil War storyline that Marvel Comics released in 2006. In the comic book series, an attack by Marvel villain Nitro on a civilian area causes the US Government to react strongly against heroes and villains alike. The government passes a bill dubbed the Superhero Registration Act that requires all identities to be released to the government. Failure to comply (as well as join the government) results in a criminal offense, thus making any superhero who doesn’t comply now a villain in the eyes of Uncle Sam. The conflict in the comic series pits Iron Man (Pro-Registration) against Captain America (Anti-Registration). The two sides have their own allies and face many personal and moral conflicts. Many main characters in this version perish and it rocks the foundation of Marvel Comics forever.

The movie version differs from the comic version in that it has been confirmed in the official press release that this movie takes place after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The New Avengers have continued their work on stopping national and international threats. One of these incidents gets out-of-hand. Combined with the events of the previous two movies, the US government wants to enforce registration upon the superheroes and to regulate their actions. Much like the comic book series, this creates an “Civil War” between the heroes and they begin to fight one another, instead of the super villain threats.

Cap and Bucky vs Iron man

Marvel movies are known to have excellent character development and this entry into the series may be the most intriguing yet. Many of the established characters are returning like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Falcon….etc. Some debut such as Black Panther and Spider-Man. A first- time crossover will be Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man.

Artwork for the movie was tweeted by Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner which highlights one of the biggest questions of the newest Captain America movie. Who is on whose side? The proposed teams are as follows:


Iron Man
War Machine
Black Panther
Black Widow



Captain America
Winter Soldier
Sharon Carter/Agent 13

Based on movie cannon, the teams are mostly easy to figure out. War Machine is Tony Stark’s best friend, Vision was created by Stark (cinematic universe), and Black Widow is aligned to S.H.I.E.L.D (who is a part of the Superhero Registration Act). The wild card in this would be Black Panther who’s home of Wakanda was visited by the Avengers during Age of Ultron.

On Cap’s side, Falcon has been his right hand man in tracking down Winter Soldier. All three also made an appearance during a closing credit scene of Ant-Man. The Winter Soldier is the former best friend of Captain America (Bucky Barnes). He has also been brainwashed and cryogenically frozen off and on since WWII and may be regaining a sense of who he is. Ant-Man had ties in his movie debut with Falcon. Sharon Carter played a vital role in assisting Captain America during his second stand alone movie. Hawkeye would be the wild card for this team as he is aligned with S.H.I.E.L.D. and is the best friend of Black Widow. However, he does show a great deal of loyalty to Captain America in the two previous Avengers films.

Both Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man do not currently have announced sides. The comic version did not see Scarlet Witch involved and Spider-Man was aligned with Iron-Man. Thor and the Hulk are not making appearances in this movie. Actor, Mark Ruffalo had stated that the Hulk was originally scripted for the movie, but was removed from the film to add more intrigue to the Hulk’s disappearance at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Another new character that is set to debut during the Civil War is Helmut Zemo. This classic Captain America/Avengers villain had been named the 40th greatest comic book villain of all time by IGN. Very little is known of the movie adaptation at this stage, but he is a Hydra villain and could be aligned in the Captain America/Winter Soldier storyline.

Captain America Movie: Civil War Comic cover
Previous Avengers movies have shown the relationships between the heroes and how their differences and choices they’ve made affect everyone around them. The relationship between Captain America and Iron Man has been strained at best due to their different philosophies on life. Captain America is an old solider with a distinct moral compass but limited experience in the current world. Iron Man is a rich entrepreneur with a big personality that rubs many the wrong way. A young Steve Rogers also worked closely with Howard Stark (father of Tony) and developed a strong friendship that saw Stark as a co-founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony has shown resentment that his father looked up to Rogers during their early years. Their relationship became even more strained during Age of Ultron when Stark (along with Bruce Banner) helped create Ultron, thus setting the backstory for their new dispute in Captain America: Civil War.

The balancing act of the fight between heroes, their fight against the government, and all of them battling at least one major villain, this may be toughest cinematic venture Marvel has taken on to date. However, with the success of all the previous Marvel movies and a star-studded cast, this movie has the potential to be the most “Marvelous” of all.

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