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Syfy Says Yes to Pilot for The Machine, Based on the 2013 Sci-fi Thriller

Image from The Machine movie - Syfy Orders Pilot for The Machine TV Series

No Timeline for the Release of The Machine TV Series Yet.

For those who haven’t (yet) seen The Machine, it’s a sci-fi action drama that takes place in the future, after the discovery of artificial intelligence. Stuck in a cold war with China, military scientists are searching for a way to heal soldiers who suffered brain damage in battle, which eventually leads to breakthroughs in technology that allow the first true AI to be born. The 2013 film follows Machine, the AI that turns out to be more human than the scientists that helped to create her: Designed to be a military weapon, Machine disappoints her financiers and some of her creators when she shows regret after accidentally killing a human, and refuses orders that violate her sense of morality.

“Machine: Open your eyes.”

The movie follows the love story between McCarthy, one of Machine’s creators, and Machine herself, and the controversy and danger than accompany their relationship. Eventually, due to cruel and unusual treatment by the military scientists of not only their cyborgs and AI’s but their human test subjects as well, a robotic coup takes place, overthrowing the base and releasing AI into the world.

Syfy Brings Back Original Writer-Director of The Machine to Executive-Produce New Series

The Machine will be produced by Red & Black Films, with John Giwa-Amu as producer and Caradog James as executive producer. James, who wrote and directed the 2013 film, prepared by reading books on robotics, AI and quantum mechanics, as he wanted to “ground the film in science rather than fantasy.”

A Glimpse Into Our Future

The new television series will explore our fast approaching future: one that may culminate in an era-defining battle between humankind and technology. The invention and application of AI in military settings may bring about the end of the world as we know it, which is exactly what the television series hopes to do. Syfy will bring hard science to the small screen in order to chronicle the epic conflict between conscience and consciousness in The Machine TV series by following the lives and exploring the hidden motives of six main characters, all of which embody an aspect of humanity to teach Machine, for better or worse.

Movie Trailer for The Machine

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