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The Domestics: Futuristic Dystopic Horror Movie Finds Leads

Post apocalyptic ruins - Future apocalyptic sci-fi thriller The Domestics movie Casts Leads

A gorgeous mathematician and Superman have signed on to play the lead couple in Mike P. Nelson’s apocalyptic adventure film, The Domestics. Deadline is reporting that Kate Bosworth (who has a special place in my heart as the sexy genius Jill from card-counting crime thriller 21) and Tyler Hoechlin (most recently recognized as Superman from the television series Supergirl, but most famous for his role as an aggressive werewolf hunk from MTV’s Teen Wolf) are in negotiations now with MGM for The Domestics movie, set to be released sometime in 2018. (Also, don’t forget Bosworth played Lois Lane in Superman Returns, so, in a way, Superman is reuniting with his love…)

The Domestics is an original film written and directed by Mike P. Nelson, best known for Summer School (2006), a rip on B-horror movies that becomes one itself, and An American Classic (2008) a short crime thriller that follows a jealous boyfriend on his somewhat deluded quest to redeem himself. Nelson’s filmography allows a peek at the feel of The Domestics movie, promising a quirky, creepy, and possibly downright frightening dystopic movie.

The Basic Plot for The Domestics Movie

The gist of the film is this: it’s set in a future, post-apocalyptic countryside, where Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin will play a young couple trying to fight and find their way home through dangerous, gang-riddled territory. I’m imagining a mix between The Road, a more serious Turbo-Kid, and a dash of Mad Max shaken in if we’re lucky.

As a huge fan of the dystopic, post-apocalyptic genre, (I can’t wait for The Warren to arrive, on the 20th) I’m stoked for a fresh film on the scene that isn’t a sequel or based on a book! I’ll update you all as more information is leaked or released on this exciting new movie.

So, what do you all think?  Does this movie sound interesting to you?

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