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Syfy Heads Into ‘The Woods’ For New TV Series

Artwork for The Woods comic book - The Woods TV series in the Works with Syfy

The Woods TV series will feature hourlong episodes.

In our recent survey of the upcoming science fiction TV landscape, we kept running into Syfy everywhere. They’ve got a bunch of new shows in the works, including ones based on classics like Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, more recent favorites, like Dan Simmon’s Hyperion Cantos, and even more recent and current properties. Well, it looks like they have no plans to slow down, as Deadline is reporting they’ve added another current / recent property to their upcoming roster. This time, they’ve put a TV series into development based on the hit comic The Woods, from Boom! Studios and writer James Tynion IV and illustrator Michael Dialynas.

What is The Woods About?

In Wisconsin, an entire high school campus, including the 300 students, and various teachers, parents, and workers who happened to be there are the time, vanishes without leaving a trace. The campus then reappears in the middle of thick woods on the moon of a distant planet. As you might expect, this puts a damper on the day to day worries of normal life, as the group must now both survive in a dangerous, alien environment and try to find their way home.

The series, currently on issue 27, is planned to have a 36 issue run.

Cover for The Woods comics

Check Out The Woods on Boom! Studios, or on Amazon

Who’s Going to Be Involved in The Woods TV Series?

Syfy will be producing hour-long episodes with Brad Peyton (director of the recent disaster movie San Andreas) and his producing partner Jeff Fierson, and Josh Levy, Ross Richie and Stephen Christy from Boom! Studios. Peyton is set to direct episodes for The Woods TV series, and Michael Armbruster (co-writer of 2010’s Beautiful Boy) will by writing the adaptation and executive producing. Peyton and Fierson expressed excitement for the project, saying that “We’ve always seen this title as having the potential to be a stand-out sci-fi property.” This will be the second collaboration between Peyton and Boom! Studios, as he is also set to direct an adaptation on the recent graphic novel The Malignant Man.

Featured Images: The Woods cover art / Boom! Studios

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