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Syfy’s Krypton TV Series Casts an Unknown Actor in the Lead Role

Sci-fi artwork for a futuristic city - Syfy's Krypton TV Series Casts an Unknown Actor in the Lead Role

An unknown actor, Cameron Cuffe, is stepping into the lead role of Superman’s Grandfather in Syfy’s Krypton TV series.

Ever since Syfy’s Krypton TV series was announced back in May, details have been fairly slow to arrive. In fact, it wasn’t until the beginning of September that we got the first big piece of news, the casting of the female lead in the series.

Now, thanks to Deadline, we know who’s been cast in the lead role as Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El. The role has been won by Cameron Cuffe, an unknown young actor. Interestingly, this is this isn’t the first time Superman (or in this case, the primary Superman-related role) has involved the casting of unknown actors in the primary role. The original Superman movies saw then unknown Christopher Reeve step into the role, the long running CW TV series Smallville cast unknown Tom Welling as a young Superman, and Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns put Brandon Routh on the map.

Quick Recap of Syfy’s Krypton TV Series

OK. Here’s a quick synopsis of what Krypton is about. It’s two generations before the destruction of Krypton, The House of El has been shamed, and is basically an outcast house. So Seg-El fights to restore the honor of his family, and try to save his home world from chaos and possible destruction. He’s opposed by, among others, the House of Zod. However, because things are never simple, he’s also engaged in a star-crossed lovers style relationship with Lyta Zod a military cadet and the daughter of General Alura Zod.

So, with Cuffe cast as Seg-El and Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, we know have our principle actors in place. And though Cuffe was (until about half an hour ago) unknown, he’s got some experience. He graduated from the Lir Academy in Dublin, he’s been a  part of several stage productions, he had a role in Stephen Frear’s recent movie Florence Foster Jenkins, and he’s got another role as part of ITV’s upcoming TV series The Halycon.

The pilot is set to shoot in Serbia, though no shooting dates or potential release dates have been revealed yet. So, what do you think? Are you starting to get interested in the series, or is it still a non-starter? Let us know in the comments!

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