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Syfy’s Krypton TV Series Casts the Remaining Series Regulars

Krypton, as seen in Man of Steel - Syfy has added six more actors to the Krypton TV series cast.

Syfy has added six more actors to the Krypton TV series cast.

Only a week after announcing that they had cast relatively unknown actor Cameron Cuffe in the lead male role for their upcoming series, Syfy has revealed 6 more actors who have been added to the Krypton TV series cast. According to Deadline, these roles / actors will be series regulars.

So Who Got Added to the Krypton TV Series Cast, and Who Are They Playing?

Actors Ian McElhinney, Elliot Cowan (who’s worked with Krypton creator David Goyer on Davinci’s Demons), Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day and Aaron Pierre. For those unfamiliar with the plot, a very quick recap:

Set two generation before the fall of Krypton, the series follows Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, as he seeks to restore honor to the House of El, in face of opposition from House Zod. And to make matters more difficult, Seg-El becomes romantically involved with Lyta Zod (who will be played by Georgina Campbell) a military cadet and daughter of General Alura Zod.

OK, so with that in mind, along with the casting announcement, we also got a few new details on the characters the new members of the Krypton TV series cast will be playing.

Ian McElhinney – Val-El

Val-El is Seg-El’s grandfather and is described as “a rogue genius who believes that space exploration is a basic form of self-defense” and who has been trying, without success, to warn the Kryptonian elite about the imminent arrival of an ancient threat.

Elliot Cowan – Daron Vex

Vex is the Chief Magistrate of Kandor and is tasked with defending Krypton’s established ruling class against heretics and dissidents.

Ann Ogbomo – General / Primus Alura Zod

As established previously, Alura Zod is Lyta’s mother and the leader of the Krypton’s military guild. She’s described as “an extremely tough and demanding training officer.

Rasmus Hardiker – Kem

Kem, who has no rank, is a brilliant engineer, and Seg-El’s best friend. In addition, they are partnered in “an underground tech-repair business.

Wallis Day – Nyssa Vex

A junior magistrate, and the daughter of Chief Magistrate Daron Vex.

Aaron Pierre – Dev-Em

Another military cadet under the command of General / Primus Alura Zod.

Final Thoughts

Now that the series regulars have been cast, and with much of the creative crew in place and plans set to film the pilot in Serbia, we may be hearing word soon on a shooting and date, and possibly even a potential release date, though I imagine Summer / Fall next year would be the earliest we’ll be seeing this series.

Featured Image: Warner Bros., Krypton as seen in Man of Steel

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