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Syfy Rewards Fans with New Seasons of Killjoys and Dark Matter

Dark Matter spaceship - Dark Matter Season 3 and Killjoys Season 3 confirmed

The space adventure genre has been rocketing up the charts over the last few years, with no sign of stopping. Summer blockbusters such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Star Trek series have been helping to shift the audience’s attention from angsty dystopic young adult fiction reboots (such as The Hunger Games and the Divergent series) back to the first love of many lifelong nerds: space.

And now, Syfy has dropped the season three bomb just before the season finales of both “Killjoys” and “Dark Matter,” airing on Friday, September 2 at 9/8c and Friday, September 16 at 10/9c, respectively. That’s right, we’re going to get Dark Matter Season 3 and Killjoys Season 3. Also, spoilers may be lurking, just, you know, as a warning.

A Quick Look at Killjoys

For those not already in the know, “Killjoys” is a fast-paced romp following three intergalactic bounty hunters, sworn, but struggling, to remain impartial to the class war about to erupt around them throughout their solar system, Quad. The titular Killjoys are Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane as brothers John and D’avin.

Dutch, the crews’ resident femme fatale, is always up for adventure and has an impressive talent for gaining anyone’s trust and respect, regardless of their place in the class system of Quad. Dutch guards her dark past with walls built of flirtation and violence.

John Jaqobis was labeled as stupid from a young age due to his dyslexia and other learning disabilities, but he is a genius when it comes to engineering. His lack of self-confidence creates some issues in intense situations, but even more important than his engineering skills is his unwavering loyalty to his team.

D’avin is an all-around perfect bounty hunter: macho and sarcastic, handsome, and an excellent strategist. His undying loyalty, coupled with his skills in man to man combat make him a natural born soldier with something to prove.

The season two finale of Killjoys has a couple surprises up its sleeve, and at least one of which will leave viewers shaking their heads, saying, “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Luckily, all of the questions it will raise will (hopefully!) be answered next summer.

A Brief Overview of Dark Matter

”Dark Matter” is a mysterious deep-space action-drama by the creaters of “Stargate,” centered on the crew of the Raza, who were awakened from cryo-sleep by some unknown entity that wiped their memories, for (you guessed it) unknown reasons. Not enough mysterious unknowns for you in that sentence? Don’t you worry, because “Dark Matter” has this magical ability of creating two questions for each one it answers. A hydra-series, if you will.

The crew aboard the Raza, known as The Six, named themselves in the order they were awoken from stasis, until they discovered their pasts and identities over the course of the first two seasons. Season two immersed the unlikely team in an intergalactic conspiracy, in which their collective amnesia put their lives, and the lives of many others, on the line.

From parallel universes to an endless supply of mysterious enemies, Dark Matter season 3 will keep the cogs in our minds turning at a breakneck pace.


Whether you’re more of a comedy/action/sci-fi addict, or a dark drama/action/sci-fi addict, Syfy has you covered. Most likely returning on Friday nights next summer, Killjoys season 3 and Dark Matter season 3 will give us sci-fi addicts an excellent excuse to stay home and watch television instead of going on dates or whatever those normal people do. And until then, we can always spend some time taking in the Aftermath, or Incorporated.

Thanks, Syfy!

Featured Image: Syfy

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