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Syfy Welcomes You to the Aftermath of the Apocalypse

Artwork depicting an alien invasion in a city

Recently, the Apocalypse has become very big business, especially in movies and TV. Young Adult Apocalypse has become a genre unto itself (Hungers Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, The 5th Wave, The 100, and so on), but even the adults are getting their fair share, with The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead bringing the zombies walkers (…the Zed word, don’t say it…) and the apocalypse to TV, while big-budget sci-fi like Oblivion and Mad Max: Fury Road and Snowpiercer presenting fascinating worlds to explore. (And let’s not even touch on dystopias, which are furiously minting coin as well.) Well, apparently Syfy doesn’t feel like 12 Monkeys and Z Nation are enough apocalypse, so they’re adding more to their fall lineup. And now, they’ve just revealed the first poster for their Aftermath TV series.

Synopsis for Aftermath TV Series

OK, really quick, though, before we get to the poster, let’s throw in a quick synopsis here.  There’s a good reason, I promise.

Aftermath follows the Copeland family (parents Karen and Joshua, and their children Dana, Brianna and Matt) as they battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

First Poster for the Aftermath TV Series

OK, and now the poster.

Poster for the Aftermath TV series on Syfy

As posters go, it’s not particularly visually mind-blowing. You’ve got your people (stars Anne Heche and James Tupper), you’ve got a bleak landscape, you’ve got your muted sepia coloring. All in all, not exactly eye-catching. What intrigues me is the text. OK, remember the bit in the synopsis about the “rise of supernatural creatures?” Well, boom, right there on the poster, Serpent Gods and Skin Walkers. Now, from what I can tell, this is being presented as (mostly) serious. And though this is Syfy *coughSharknado2Lava2LantulaBigAssSpidercough* what if they were actually able to carry off a crazy post-apocalypse where things like that became part of everyday life? And not have it be cheesy, poorly done, or half-assed?

I mean, the poster also promises Madness, Demonic Possessions, Mega Storms, Doomsday Meteors… which, OK. Maybe they’re stacking the deck a bit much. But what if they actually delivered a show with an ongoing story that, week to week, featured crazy things like they list on the poster. Every time you think you’ve got a handle on the Apocalypse, those damn Serpent Gods show up demanding … well, I’m not exactly sure what a Serpent God would demand. Human Sacrifice? A nice sunning rock?

Final Thoughts on the Aftermath TV Series

All I’m saying is it could actually be an interesting premise. The apocalypse is starting to feel a little played out, and this could pump some juice into the concept. Syfy has recently been bringing out more original scripted content and in the case of Dark Matter and The Expanse, the results have been very satisfying. Here’s to hoping that they try something crazy and new with the Aftermath TV series, and they’re not just teasing us with epic, post-apocalyptic madness.

Aftermath drops later this year on Tuesday, September 27th. So, what do you think? Time to move on from the Apocalypse? Is there an apocalypse scenario you’d love to see that no one ever seems to address?

Featured Image: Courtesy of Uncanny Knack

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