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Suicide Squad Sequel Sets Sights On Surprising Superstar Director

Image from Suicide Squad movie - Mel Gibson in talks for Suicide Squad sequel

Mel Gibson is in talks to direct the Suicide Squad sequel, which currently has no set release date.

UPDATE: Variety is saying that in addition to considering Gibson and Espinosa to direct the Suicide Squad sequel, two other names are in contention: Johnathan Levine (director of the zom-rom-com Warm Bodies) and Ruben Fleischer (also well versed in zombies, after arriving on the scene with Zombieland.)

Variety is also saying that no one in that group of four is a front-runner or favorite and that the list may continue to grow. Also, Warner Bros. has not yet commented on the matter.

Well, I guess this means that Mel Gibson is officially back. THR is saying their sources are telling them Warner Bros. is in “early talks” with the actor/director to helm the Suicide Squad sequel, though they say that no official offers have been made, or any commitments.

Crazy, right? Gibson is reportedly hard at work familiarizing himself with the material (.i.e. reading comics). However, THR also notes that though they’re in talks with Gibson, the studio is not being passive in their search for a director, and are also looking at other options, including Safe House director Daniel Espinosa. Apparently, other sources aren’t so sure this will go through:

Back in 2006, Gibson hit a rough patch after going through a divorce and being arrested for drunk driving. And to compound his problems, it came out that during the arrest, he went on an anti-semitic rant against the arresting officers. This served to push Gibson out of the general good graces of Hollywood for a number of years, though with the recent success of Hacksaw Ridge (for which Gibson has been Academy Award nominated), and now this, I think it’s safe to say he’s (deserving or not) back in business.

Any Other Suicide Squad Sequel Details?

Not yet. Though David Ayer (who directed the first outing) was initially announced as returning for the sequel, it looks like that’s no longer the case. Which does make some sense, as he’s now busy with a Gotham City Sirens movie. Also, there’s apparently both a Will Smith/Deadshot spinoff and Harley Quinn spinoff being considered, though it’s unsure whether those projects would push back a Suicide Squad sequel, as Warner Bros. and DC are hot to capitalize on the surprising success of the first movie.

Featured Image: courtesy of Warner Bros. / DC Films

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