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Suicide Squad Considers Suicide

Deadshot and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s Method Acting In Suicide Squad Drove Cast Members Crazy

When most people think of the Joker these days, they think of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Personally, I always picture the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, played by Mark Hamill. And My father always spoke of Jack Nicolson as his Joker. Whichever actor you choose to picture, I imagine they would all agree that the role of the Joker takes special attention in order to really pull it off and with the amazing performances so far, the bar is set pretty high. Maybe that’s why Jared Leto is taking his role as Joker for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad so seriously.

Jared Leto’s method acting may have been causing some tension on the set and if you listen to what Viola Davis has to say, he may have taken it a little too far, reportedly sending disturbing packages to his fellow castmates, including a box of bullets.

It was a little worrisome,” Davis said. “It made you a little bit nervous and I’m pretty tough. You know I got into a few fights when I was growing up…but it scared me a little bit.

Viola Davis, starring as Amanda Weller in the film and said she was not the only one to receive “crazy” gifts from Leto.

She went on to say this:

It got so crazy that there were times during filming that I had heart palpitations—not only heart palpitations but at one point I said, ‘Did I suffer from hearing loss?

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Will Smith said that he never met Jared Leto until AFTER the film finished shooting.

I’ve only ever spoken to him as Deadshot, and him as The Joker,” Smith continued. “I literally have not met him yet. So, the first time I see him will be ‘Hey, Jared. What’s up? How you doing? Nice to meet you.’ He was all in on the Joker.

So hostile environment or not, it sounds like Jared Leto will be delivering a pretty unique performance. We’ll have to wait until August to see whether the performance in Suicide Squad is spot on or if Jared Leto took it too far.

Disturbing or not one must imagine it to be a whole lot of fun for Jared’s castmates to have worked with him, in spite of and because of his method acting in the role of the insane Joker.

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