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Stranger Things Gets a Video Game Tribute

Image from Stranger Things video game

Yes, technically, it’s true. There is a playable Stranger Things video game. However, sadly, it’s very short, and it’s actually much more accurately a demo for a game than an actual game. Before we get to the details, a couple of quick things.  First, there might be some spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, beware. Which brings me to number 2. WHY HAVEN’T YOU SEEN STRANGER THINGS?


Sorry. However, if you haven’t yet seen Stranger Things, it’s worth a Netflix subscription just by itself. It well crafted, well-acted, intensely creepy, and a whole lot of fun.

Details on the Stranger Things Video Game

OK. Back to the video game. Since 2012, Infamous Quests has been making gloriously pixel-friendly adventure games in the style of King’s Quest and Quest for Glory. And they decided that it would be cool to make a “one-room” tribute to Stranger Things. As mentioned, it’s short (maybe 10 minutes) but for fans of those adventure games, and Stranger Things, it’s a perfect slice of nostalgia. The game follows Sheriff Hopper as he looks for Will, and comes across the drain pipe, where they find evidence of someone having crawled out.

You can download a copy of the tribute / demo / game on their website. Now, a couple of interesting things to note. After playing through the demo, PC Gamer reached out to Infamous Quests, and talked with the programmer and writer on the project, Steven Alexander. According to Alexander, “We would love to develop a full-fledged game. I have a design document outline I started right after my first viewing.

Now, this is in no way an officially sanctioned game, but maybe there’s a chance that we’ll get to see more. Stranger Things have happened … (Do you see what I did there?)

And second, the game is Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) approved.

Pretty cool, right? So, how about it? Would you play through an 80’s style, retro adventure game for Stranger Things?

Featured Image: Infamous Quests

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