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Prepare Yourself for Some Fast and Furious Starship Troopers!

Starship Troopers Rodger Young spaceship - Starship Troopers Reboot in the Works

This Starship Troopers reboot by the guys behind Baywatch and Fast & Furious adventures is a shoe-in to win the Sexiest Sci-Fi Reboot Contest that I just made up!

(But seriously, just imagine the slow-mo running Bugs in red bikini’s! Me-ow!)

Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe (Total Recall [2012] Fast & Furious) will produce, and Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (Friday the 13th, Freddy vs. Jason) are writing the screenplay for this retelling of the original Robert A. Heinlein Hugo Award-winning novel.

Or I guess, according to the studio, it’s not a reboot. Supposedly, the team is going back to the original 1959 military science fiction novel by the Dean of Science Fiction, Robert A. Heinlein, and pulling their information from the book itself. The novel is a first-person narrative told by Juan “Johnnie” Rico, a Mobile Infantry recruit. The Mobile Infantry is a military unit that utilizes powered armor and has been locked in an interstellar war with a species of insect-like bloodthirsty aliens called Bugs. Throughout the novel, we watch as Johnnie climbs through the ranks to officer, and delve into the thematic questions of politics, military traditions, and personality responsibility.

Does this Starship Troopers reboot have any cultural relevance?

Heinlein penned the novel in the wake of the Korean War, which powerfully influenced the story. From direct mentions of the failures of a Department of Defense to the moral dilemmas of abandoning prisoners of war, Heinlein’s opinions on the failures of our real-life government and political landscape are woven throughout, making the new cinematic version of Starship Troopers a very timely release, what with the wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

My Concerns for the Movie:

The original film was released in 1997, and was a sci-fi military satire directed by Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct). His goal was to imitate propaganda films to underline the absurdity of fascism and blind militarism. Now, with none of the original cast or crew having any creative input, I’m concerned this retelling will lose that dark humor and take itself too seriously, a problem that causes a lot of “over-the-top” movies (and considering the writers are from Baywatch and the producers are from Fast & Furious, over-the-top seems like a given) to flounder at the box office.

Did you enjoy the 1997 Starship Troopers? Are you excited for this “reboot”? Who do you want to see cast? Comment below!

Featured Image: courtesy of Uncanny Knack

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    The movie just had the name slapped on – it has very little to do with the book. Seeing as you obviously haven’t read it, your worries are rather missing the point.

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