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Darth Vader’s Archeologist Doctor Aphra Is Getting Her Own Comic

Doctor Aphra in the Star Wars: Darth Vader comic

The Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic hits the shelves on December 7th, 2016.

(There May Be Spoilers Ahead. Yarr!) Didn’t know Darth Vader had a space archeologist working for him, did you? OK, maybe you did, but I didn’t. And I will now likely never forget it because if offers the glorious chance to make Star Wars / Vader / space archeologist jokes. Jokes aside, though, the upcoming Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic looks pretty interesting, and not just because she now has the Dark Lord of the Sith on her tail (talk about crossing the wrong guy.)

More Details on the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Comic

So, where did this all start? In the pages of the Kieron Gillen-written Salvador Larroca-drawn Darth Vader Star Wars comic, which just ended recently, according to plan, with the release of the 25th issue. After introducing Doctor Aphra, an archeologist in the employ of Vader, the character quickly became a fan favorite. And throughout the Vader run, she became a breakout star for the series.

But, well, as they tend to, all good things come to an end. Including, at least originally, Doctor Aphra. In an interview with the Star Wars website, Gillen revealed that Doctor Aphra wasn’t always intended to survive:

Doctor Aphra and Vader in the Star Wars: Darth Vader comicFor a longer time than I think people would realize, I was pretty sure she was going to die. It wasn’t actually anything to do with the fans’ response, it was just kind of the fundamental Darth Vader of it. You know what I mean? The biggest problem with the book was, I had all these characters I genuinely liked, and I made the mistake of putting them in the room with Darth Vader and they tended to not survive that experience. Aphra’s [in a] push and pull and whatever, and there was a point where I just kind of literally clicked, and I realized, “Oh my God, she could survive.”

Later in the interview, Gillen also shared a basic starting point for the plot of the new series:

Basically, it picks up kind of where, if Darth Vader ever finds out Aphra survived, she’s dead again. So she’s living in hiding. She’s trying to get back to her life of archaeology and she’s dealing with the fact that she has enormous debts.

Which all sounds pretty cool. Thankfully, Marvel also provided a preview of the first four pages of the upcoming comic, which you can take a look at here. Also, you should read through that entire interview, because it’s pretty interesting.

Preview of the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Comic

So, what do you think? Any Doctor Aphra fans out there who are excited for the new Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic?

Featured Images: Marvel Comics / Disney

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