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UPDATE: Three New Cast Members Beam Aboard Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery spaceship - Star Trek: Discovery news

The Star Trek: Discovery series no longer has a firm release date, though production has begun.

With production now in full swing, Variety is reporting that they’ve learned some details regarding three new Star Trek: Discovery cast members:

  • Terry Serpico (Rescue Me, Sneaky Pete) will be joining the cast as ‘Admiral Anderson,’ who is a high-ranking Starfleet official.
  • Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock) will be taking on the role of ‘Dr. Nambue,’ who is the chief medical officer onboard the Starship Shenzhou, which is the other Starfleet starship (that we know of) that will be playing a primary role in the series. Michelle Yeoh has been cast as the captain of the Shenzhou.
  • And finally, relative newcomer Sam Vartholomeos is also set to serve aboard the Starship Shenzhou as ‘Ensign Connor,’ a junior officer from Starfleet Academy.

With each piece of news, the series draws a little closer, and I can’t help but get a little more excited for the first new Trek TV series since Enterprise left the air in 2005.

Star Trek: Discovery News Update 1-31-17: News Teaser Offers First Look at Star Trek: Discovery Uniforms and Sets

As reported a couple of weeks ago, production on Star Trek: Discovery started, and they have released the first official ‘behind the scenes’ look. Among other things, we get a glimpse of the uniform design for the series, some of the sets, and the captain’s chair. Like the completely un-revealing announcement teaser, and the slightly less revealing ship launch teaser that came last year, this one doesn’t offer a lot to go on, but it is nice to see that the series has (finally) started launch preparations. As I’ve recently been watching the original series again, I find myself more and more excited to revisit the series with a brand new crew and a brand new adventure.

Star Trek: Discovery News Update 1-18-17: Upcoming Star Trek Show Discovers Delays, Spock’s Father

Set phasers to stun! Once again, CBS’ upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series has run into delays, though this time, Variety is reporting there’s an added bit of good/interesting news. The series has added actor James Frain to the cast, in the role of Sarek, Spock’s father.

More Details on the Star Trek: Discovery Delay

First, the studio revealed a statement regarding the delay:

Production on Star Trek: Discovery begins next week. We love the cast, the scripts and are excited about the world the producers have created.  This is an ambitious project; we will be flexible on a launch date if it’s best for the show.  We’ve said from the beginning it’s more important to do this right than to do it fast. There is also added flexibility presenting on CBS All Access, which isn’t beholden to seasonal premieres or launch windows.”

Now, regarding that statement, EW is reporting that they’re hearing from their sources that unlike the first delay, this second delay is apparently not related to creative or production issues. The EW sources are saying that under new showrunners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, the series on track, and that the delays are related to other issues, including two key ones. First, Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green is currently part of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is airing its current through April, and there are apparently concerns “about marketplace confusion if CBS were to ramp up promoting her as the star of a new sci-fi show while her horror hit is currently on the air.” Hmmm.

The other reason is that they’re apparently going through a lot of “careful deliberation” in regards to choice of directors, set design, special effects, and more, in order to make sure they deliver a great show.

More on the Casting of Spock’s Father for Discovery

James Frain, photo by uncle_shoggoth, CC2

Mark Lenard as Sarek, Image courtesy of NBC / CBS

With TV veteran James Frain (recently seen as Theo Galavan in Fox’s Gotham) taking on the role of Sarek (Spock’s father), this marks the first confirmed character in Discovery that’s been part of the Star Trek universe before. In Sarek’s appearances in the original series, original series movies, and Next Generation, Sarek was played by actor Mark Lenard, and by Ben Cross in the first of the recent revival movies. (As a nerdy side note, Lenard also played the Romulan Captain that Kirk faced off against in the standout original series episode Balance of Terror, and a Klingon Captain in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.)

So, there you are. Based on the statement, they’re not saying they absolutely won’t launch the series by May, but it looks like we’ll all be waiting a little longer to set off into space with the crew of the Starship Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery News UPDATE 12-14-16: Walking Dead Actress Beams Aboard Star Trek: Discovery

EW is saying that The Walking Dead actress Sonequa Martin-Green (who has played the series regular role of Sasha since season three) has earned the primary role in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series. She will be playing the still unnamed Lieutenant Commander aboard the Starship Discovery. The casting lines up with earlier comments from previous showrunner Bryan Fuller, who had said regarding the main role that “there’s something wonderful about the legacy that Nichelle Nichols represents as giving a gift to people who weren’t previously able to see themselves in the future. We are going to be continuing that tradition of progressive casting and progressive character work to be an inclusive world.

Fuller also previously said that they decided to tell the story from a different point of view, rather than from the captain’s chair, as there had already been six series from that viewpoint.”To see a character from a [new] perspective on the starship — one who has different dynamic relationships with a captain, with subordinates, it gave us richer context.

She’ll be serving under the as yet uncast and unnamed Captain of the Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery News – UPDATE 12-12-16: Big Bad Klingon Trio Added to the Cast For Star Trek: Discovery

Though CBS and the creatives continue to dance around the casting of many of the primary roles for Star Trek: Discovery, such as the Captain of the Starship Discovery and the female Lieutenant serving onboard the Discovery who will be the main character, EW is saying that they’ve added three more members to the extended cast, all Klingons. Along with the actors cast in the role, some small details were shared about each character:

  • Chris Obi (who also has a role in previous ST:D showrunner Bryan Fuller’s American Gods adaptation over at Starz) will be playing T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader seeking to unite the various Klingon houses.
  • Shazad Latif (who played Dr. Henry Jekyll in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful series) will be playing Kol, a Klingon Commanding Officer, and a protege of T’Kuvma.
  • Mary Chieffo (a relative newcomer) will be playing L’Rell, the Battle Deck Commander on a Klingon ship.

Slowly, but surely, the cast and various details are starting to paint a very interesting picture for the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery News – UPDATE 12-2-16: Bryan Fuller No Longer Actively Involved in Star Trek Discovery

In an interview with Newsweek today, Bryan Fuller discussed his exit from the Star Trek: Discovery series and confirmed that he no longer has any active involvement with the series.

Speaking about the departure, Fuller said, “Ultimately, with my responsibilities [elsewhere], I could not do what CBS needed to have done in the time they needed it done for Star Trek.” He added that he felt like it was best for him to focus on “landing the plane” with the American Gods series he’s showrunning for Starz, so he could be sure he was delivering a series that was as elegant and sophisticated as he could manage to make it.

It is bittersweet. But it was just a situation that couldn’t be resolved otherwise…so I had to step away.

Fuller, who wrote the first two episodes of the upcoming series and plotted the story arc for the first 13 episode season, will receive an executive producer credit. However, though CBS has said they would see his vision through, Fuller said “I’m not involved in production, or postproduction, so I can only give them the material I’ve given them and hope that it is helpful for them. I’m curious to see what they do with it.

When asked about possible involvement in a second season, he said that they had his number, and would absolutely be there for them if they called.

Star Trek: Discovery News – UPDATE 11-29-16: Star Trek Discovery Gains an All New Alien Starfleet Officer

First up, it’s been officially confirmed by CBS Access that Michelle Yeoh is part of Star Trek: Discovery, and as Deadline previously reported, she will be playing the role of the Captain for the Starship Shenzhou. In addition, THR is reporting that two more cast members have been confirmed for Star Trek: Discovery, actors Anthony Rapp and Doug Jones. In addition, details have been provided about the characters they’ll be playing.

Rapp, best known for originating the role of ‘Mark Cohen’ in the broadway musical Rent, and also playing the role in the 2005 movie adaptation, will be playing Lt. Stamets, a Starfleet Science Officer serving on the Starship Discovery. The character is described as an astromycologist and fungus expert. In addition, according to EW, Rapp’s character is also the gay character that was previously discussed by Bryan Fuller back in August.

Jones, on the other hand, will be Lt. Saru, also a Star Fleet Science Officer, and an all-new alien species to the Star Trek universe. Sci-fi / Fantasy fans may recognize the name Doug Jones, though it wouldn’t be strange if you couldn’t call an image of Jones to mind. This is because he’s become somewhat of a go-to guy for playing alien and fantastical characters (such as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and the Pale Man and Fauno in Pan’s Labyrinth) and motion capture roles (such as the Silver Surfer in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, for which Laurence Fishburne provided the voice of the Surfer) due to his tall, slender build. The reports don’t specify whether Saru will be serving aboard the discovery, and though that’s the assumption, with other Starships such as Shenzhou being part of the mix, he might be serving under Captain Han Bo. It’ll be interesting to see how alien they go with his character’s design.

All in all, some very cool new additions to the cast.

Star Trek: Discovery News – UPDATE 11-24-16: Star Trek Discovery Adds Badass to the Cast With Michelle Yeoh

Just a quick update here, but I’m pretty excited for the news being reported by THR that Michelle Yeoh is joining the cast. I may be a little biased, as I’ve been a fan since seeing her opposite Jackie Chan in Supercop and Jet Li in Tai Chi Master during my Hong Kong movie phase, and having that love cemented by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but I think she’s going to bring some much needed badass-atude (totally a word) to the crew.

There’s no word on her role yet (might she be the confirmed female admiral…?), but more details should arrive soon.

UPDATE: Deadline is saying that they have sources telling them Yeoh will be playing Han Bo, the Captain of the Starship Shenzhou, which “is set to play a big role in Discovery‘s first season.

Star Trek: Discovery News – UPDATE 10-26-16: Bryan Fuller Stepping Down as Number One on Star Trek Discovery

According to Variety, the showrunning responsibilities were passed from Fuller to executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts late last week, as the series prepares to start shooting in order to meet the May 2017 premiere date. Fuller will remain on the series as an executive producer and will continue to be involved in breaking stories,  and the show will reportedly follow the general direction that he’s laid out for it.

In addition to Fuller stepping back, it’s also been revealed that writer/director Akiva Goldsman will be joining the series in a “top creative role.” He’s apparently being “envisioned as serving as producing support for Berg and Harberts, Fuller and exec producer Alex Kurtzman as they juggle the demands of the series” but there’s a possibility that Berg and Harberts will only be interim showrunners until Goldsman is in place.

Variety’s sources are saying that there’s some strain between Fuller and CBS over the production of the show, as he’s also been busy with the final weeks of shooting on ‘American Gods’ as well as prepping an ‘Amazing Stories’ reboot for NBC. There’s apparently also stress that the lead female role hasn’t been cast yet. Berg and Harberts have worked with Fuller before, and the current structure worked out over the weekend was at least in part to allow Fuller to remain somewhat involved in the series.

CBS delayed the series previously from a January premiere to a May premiere in order to allow the team more time to hammer out the story, but they’re apparently not interested in delaying again.

CBS issued a statement, saying that they’re “extremely Happy” with Fuller’s creative direction for the series, and excited to have him remain as a producer and consultant.

Star Trek: Discovery News – Update 9-14-16: Captain’s Log – Star Trek: Discovery Launch Will Be Delayed

Bad news for Star Trek fans. According to a Deadline report, the new, highly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery series will be delayed, and will not be launching in January, as previously planned. The 13 episode first season for the series will now debut in May 2017. So, why the delay? Well, the request came from the producers. Deadline says that three episodes of the series have been fully scripted, and the first season is mapped out. And the show has reportedly been meeting its production schedule so far, [Click here to read more…]

Star Trek: Discovery News – Update: 8-10-16 Set Phasers to Awesome – New Star Trek: Discovery Details Emerge

Deadline has revealed new Star Trek Discovery details from showrunner Bryan Fuller. Speaking to a panel at the Television Critics Association event, Fuller confirmed a popular theory about when the series will take place, and revealed a few additional casting details.

First, Fuller revealed that production starts on the series in two months and that the first season will be 13 episodes.

He also confirmed a popular theory [Click here to read more…]

Star Trek: Discovery News – Update 07-27-16 Why Star Trek Discovery Will Likely Have a Black Female Captain

Based on recent comments regarding Star Trek Discovery casting from showrunner Bryan Fuller, it seems more and more likely that we will see a black female Captain at the helm of the USS Discovery. But, this has actually been a rumor for a while now, before Fuller was even offered the chance to run a Star Trek series. So before we get to the recent comments, let’s jump back a few years.

In April of 2013, Bryan Fuller was giving an interview [Click here to read more…]

Original Post: July 23, 2016, Star Trek: Discovery News from Comic-Con

Comic-Con is in full swing right now, and there is information pouring out regarding the new Star Trek series, especially after the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel.  First off, we have a name: the new series will be called Star Trek Discovery. So, what other Star Trek Discovery news was revealed?  Well, let’s get into it.

The Star Trek Discovery Pilot Has Director

And that director is David Semel. He’s no stranger to either TV or sci-fi, directing, among others, pilots for Person of Interest, Intelligence, Heroes, Legends, No Ordinary Family, and alternate history series The Man in the High Castle for Amazon. There’s no word yet on whether he direct more episodes for the series, but it’s great to hear they’re pulling together strong talent.

Star Trek Discovery Won’t Be Episodic

In addition to confirming the series would be arriving in January of 2017, Fuller also confirmed that it wouldn’t be an episodic series, but would rather tell stories, like a novel. He also discussed the importance of highlighting Star Trek’s core message.

Individuality should be celebrated. Star Trek celebrates diversity. It seems like a great statement from [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry, who felt the human race just has to get along … the new series has to remind audiences the message of Star Trek — continuing to push boundaries. We do have to celebrate a progression of our species because right now we need a little help.

We Know What the USS Discovery Looks Like

Most importantly, we know what the starship for the new series will look like, thanks to a trailer that was debuted at Comic-Con.

It’s not necessarily a radical departure, but I’m digging the gold color to the ship, along with the red highlights on the thrusters. Between this and American Gods, Fuller definitely has his plate full right now. I can’t wait for January to take to the Stars again.

Star Trek Discovery logo - Star Trek Discovery news

I also can’t wait for Netflix to get all the Star Trek series up, so I can binge-watch-prepare for January. Stay tuned for additional Star Trek Discovery news.

Featured Images: CBS

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