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WHAT? [SPOILER] Is In Spider-Man: Homecoming?

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OK. As the title implies, this information is of the spoiler-y type, and it relates to the possibly just revealed true nature of the role of one of the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast. This could actually be a pretty significant reveal for the movie, so … SPOILERS ahead. You have been doubly warned.

So, we know that Michael Keaton is playing the Vulture, we know Robert Downey Jr. is making an appearance as Iron Man, Flash Thompson is in the movie, and most recently, we learned Michael Chernus will be showing up as Tinkerer. But now, according to the Wrap (who are relaying information from “two individuals with knowledge of the project”), the true nature of songstress Zendaya’s role has been revealed. When it was announced she was being cast back in March, it was for the role of “Michelle.” Her character was described as “important” to his life, and “bookish, but quippy,” but that’s all the details provided so far. Apparently, though, Michelle is just a pseudonym, and Zendaya’s really playing a very well-established, key figure in Peter Parker’s life. Here’s a hint:

Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!

That’s right, Zendaya is reportedly playing Mary Jane Watson, one of the great loves of Spider-Man’s life, and the woman he ended up marrying. (Well, until they had Mephisto undo the marriage in 2007 with the “One More Day” storyline, but let’s just ignore that for now.)

The Wrap reached out to Sony, Marvel and reps for Zendaya, but all three groups declined to comment. Now, this isn’t confirmed, and “two individuals with knowledge of the project” isn’t exactly “Deepthroat” level. Technically, I’m a source with knowledge of the project.

Actress Zendaya and Mary Jane from Spider-Man comics - Spider-Man: Homecoing Cast rumor

Zendaya photo: Gage Skidmore, CC3 / Mary Jane: Marvel Comics

However, given that they described her role as “important” to Peter Parker, and “quippy,” it certainly fits as Mary Jane.¬†Kirsten Dunst played the role previously in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and¬†Shailene Woodley played the role in Amazing Spider-Man 2 (though her role ended up cut from the theatrical release), and now that Spidey’s finally making his debut in the MCU, it makes sense to establish Mary Jane as well. Now, given this is Peter Parker in high school, they may not be establishing the full on romance yet, but if this is MJ, she could be playing a pretty interesting role in the movie.

So, what do you think? Would bringing MJ in as part of the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast make sense?

UPDATE: 8-19 IMDB Updates Zendaya’s Role

The IMDB has now changed Zendaya’s role from the previous “Michelle” to “Mary Jane Watson”

IMDB listing Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson

UPDATE: And then, minutes later, it was changed back.

Featured Images: Marvel Comics

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