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UPDATE: What? We’re getting TWO Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers?

Spider-Man swinging across the city

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to arrive in theaters on July 7, 2017.

I don’t know ho Jimmy Kimmel does it, but he keeps scoring exclusive trailers for awesome upcoming movies. His latest exclusive is the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. In advance of the debut tomorrow evening (the show starts at 11:35 EST on ABC), Marvel has tweeted a brief teaser:

And here’s the YouTube version the tease, which we’ll replace with the full trailer once it arrives

UPDATE 12-8-16: Woo! The full version of the trailer is HERE:

And because Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is such a nice guy, and thought people would like to see the differences between the domestic trailer and the international, here’s the second trailer as well:

So, which trailer did you like better? Honestly, the differences aren’t that big between the two, but I like the domestic trailer’s focus on Spidey’s, well, domestic life a little more. Although the inernational trailer features more Keaton…

UPDATE 11-10-16: Get Ready to Enjoy a Lot of Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Actors Tom Holland and Zendaya are the focus of the a current THR spread, and they’ve revealed a number of interesting details regarding the project, including just how many movies Holland signed on for, Zendaya’s actual role in the movie, and how Holland found out he was going to be the next Spider-Man.

How Many Spider-Man Movies Has Tom Holland Signed on For?

Holland has signed on to appear in three Spider-Man movies, as well as making three additional appearances as Spider-Man. According to Holland, “They give you options and those could be exercised whenever. Like a cameo in Avengers. I’m unclear as to which movies though. I do know I have three Spider-Man [appearances in other] movies and three solo movies contracted.” One solo movie, the upcoming Homecoming, and one appearance, in Civil War, have already been completed.

Is Holland a Spider-Fan?

According to the THR interview, yes. By Holland’s count, he’s had 30 Spidey costumes over the years, Spidey bed sheets, and even “went to a fancy dress party dressed as Spider-man and looked like an absolute idiot.” When he heard there was a new movie in the works, he begged his agents to get him an audition.

What Was on the Audition Tape?

Holland says he was a gymnast as a youngster, so a lot of flipping. “I was like, “Hi, I’m Tom Holland.” Backflip. “I’m from London.” Side flip. “I’m five-foot-seven.” Front flip.

How Did Holland Learn He Got the Role?

Instagram. About a month after his audition, he saw a Marvel post on Instagram saying to go to their website to find out who is the new Spider-man. “I went on the Marvel website on my computer and there it was: The new Spider-Man is Tom Holland. I went ballistic, like absolutely nuts.

So How’s This Spidey Different?

According to Holland, Spider-Man is just a kid in Homecoming. “And every decision we make on set is based off how would a kid react in this situation, so every fight scene we have is designed in a way that’s almost child-friendly, so he never actually punches anyone. It’s all done kind of by accident. I think the biggest difference is his youth and innocence.

And What About Zendaya? What’s Her Spider-Fan Status?

According to THR, little more honest, apparently. “I’m not going to lie and tell you I was this comic book geek or anything because I wasn’t.” She does say that as she got older, Spider-Man became her favored hero, in part because she went on her first date to the 2012 Spider-Man reboot with Andrew Garfield, and became obsessed with the wall-crawler.

It looks like 2017 will be the year time travel makes a comeback. I mentioned the recent popularity of the time travel genre in books, but it appears to be bleeding into movies and television as well.

This is the first of a series of 5 articles letting you know what cool sci-fi stuff is coming out in the next year, so check out the biggest, baddest, most awesome sci-fi films you can expect next year!

[Click here to read more…]

OK, So Zendaya’s Not Mary Jane?

Nope. Turns out, that wasn’t accurate. “But nothing [about who she is playing] is fact. It’s like, you guys are just making shit up at this point and then reacting to it. Whenever we were on set, one of us gets some random character name [on the call sheet]. [Bloggers were] like, “Oh they must be so and so.” And we just crack up about it, because it’s like, “Whatever you want to think. You’ll find out.” It’s funny to watch the guessing game.

If you’ve got some time, be sure to read through both of the THR pieces. They’ve got a lot of other interesting bits of information.

Update 8-18-16: WHAT? [SPOILER] Is In Spider-Man: Homecoming?

So, we know that Michael Keaton is playing the Vulture, we know Robert Downey Jr. is making an appearance as Iron Man, Flash Thompson is in the movie, and most recently, we learned Michael Chernus will be showing up as Tinkerer. But now, according to the Wrap (who are relaying information from “two individuals with knowledge of the project”), the true nature of songstress Zendaya’s role has been revealed. When it was announced she was being cast back in March, [Click here to read more…]

UPDATE: 7-23-16 It Has Been Confirmed, The Vulture is the Homecoming Villain

OK, wish (hopefully) granted. After Robert Downey Jr. was added to the cast for the upcoming Spidey flick, Michael Keaton appeared to bow out of talks to be in the movie over money concerns. However, according to Variety, things were smoothed over, and a way was found to afford both stars.  Now, new concept art has revealed that the Vulture is definitely the big bad for the movie, and with Keaton still in the mix, it seems likely this is who he’ll be playing, though there’s still no official confirmation. So, what do you all think? Would Keaton make a great Vulture?

Please, Yes, Let Michael Keaton Be The Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain

For those of you too young to remember Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman (Christian Who? Affleck What?), go right now, get a copy of Batman, and glory in the still unmatched grandeur that is the perfect Batman. Bonus: you also get Jack Nicholson. As the Joker. Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Go! But then come back, because you’ll want to read the rest.

Finally, after more than two decades away from the Superhero world, Keaton may be returning. Only this time, he’ll be on the other side of the conflict. That’s right, Michael Keaton is in talks to play the next Big Bad in Spider-man: Homecoming.  Oh, that’s right, we forgot to mention: Marvel just announced the name for the next Spider-man movie (the first with Tom Holland, who’s been causing all the waves in the Captain America: Civil War trailers), and they’ve settled on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Yeah, I know, I’m not really sold on the name or the logo either. But hey, in the past, where that would have been enough for me to start fearing for the quality of the upcoming movie after the ways non-Marvel companies have been handling Marvel properties (I’m looking especially at you, all Fantastic 4 and Wolverine movies), this go around we’re on more solid ground.

That’s because Marvel is co-producing this one with Sony Pictures, meaning that Golden Boy and current Marvel President Kevin Feige will be sharing the reins with Amy Pascal. John Francis Daley (who co-wrote the original Horrible Bosses, but is perhaps best known as Sam from Freaks and Geeks)  and Johnathan M. Goldstein (the co-writer / director of the recent Vacation remake) will be handling scripting duties, along with relative unknown Jon Watts (by which I mean I didn’t know who he was until I saw Cop Car this last weekend) at the helm.

But, enough about that other non Michael Keaton related stuff.  Let’s get back to the important stuff. Namely, Michael Keaton as a villain.  A lot of names have already been floated for potential villains he could play, everyone from Hobgoblin to the Jackal, Morbius, Chameleon, Mysterio and even Carnage. Regarding that last one, I’m not sure they’re ready to go Carnage dark this early in the reboot. However, one of the more interesting potential villains I’ve heard floated? The Vulture.

Adrian Toomes is an aging engineer who gets swindled out of his money and turns to a life of crime to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his. Using a flight harness he developed, Toomes gains flight and super strength. Not only is Keaton an appropriate age to take on the character, it seems like a hilarious fit after Keaton’s sublime turn in Birdman.

Michael Keaton as Birdman

Now, it’s being reported as confirmed by BirthMoviesDeath’s Devin Faraci that Vulture will be in the movie. And while that would be awesome if it turns out to be true, I’m not counting my chickens, or vultures, before they hatch. Though if the Vulture does turn out to be the Villain, that does mean they could be prepping the Sinister Six… OK, I’d better stop now before I start to hyperventilate.

The Sinister Six fighting Spider-Man

So, is anyone else as excited as I am for this news about Spider-Man: Homecoming?  OK, that’s not possible, but surely everyone else is pretty stoked about this, right?

Featured Image: Courtesy of Uncanny Knack

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