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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo End Epic New 52 Batman Comic Run

Cover for a New 52 Batman comic

After 5 Years, the New 52 Batman Comic Says Goodbye To Snyder and Capullo

Batman is getting on in years, and over the 77 years he’s been kicking around, many artists have contributed their hard work to the Detective, and have made Batman what he is today – a legendary, human superhero. And regardless of the fact that he technically has no superpowers, he’s managed to endure against a vast and intense gallery of rogues. Batman regularly goes toe-to-toe with these supervillains (and occasionally superheroes) and yet manages to come out on top in memorable fashion. His secret weapon? Great writers and artists working together to craft the best stories. Such is the case with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, and even though their run with Batman lasted only 5 years, during the time of the New 52 Batman Comic, they’ve provided us with some of Batman’s most memorable moments.

And during Snyder and Capullo’s tenure with Batman (starting in 2011), the character’s popularity soared even higher. It was consistently DC’s highest bestselling ongoing title and had 10 issues land on the list of the 100 best selling comics last year. There are many events and characters this duo introduced, and many things they brought back into popularity. In Batman #5, they introduced The Court of Owls, a secret society and crime syndicate that’s existed in Gotham since colonial times. They reinvented the Joker, literally having him remove his face before escaping Arkham to set in motion a grand revenge scheme against Batman’s closest allies. The backstory of Alfred’s father and Alfred’s relationship with an estranged daughter were explored, and Alfred lost a hand to the Joker. After it appeared the Joker and Bruce Wayne had died, Commissioner Gordon spent some time in the bat suit. And …, well, suffice to say, you should check out their New 52 Batman comic run (with comics available at Amazon, among other places) because it is well worth your time.

Finally, after basically dying and losing his mind, Bruce is restored in their last issue, #51, and Batman prepares for the next chapter in his journey. And that would be both Batman Rebirth, with issue 1 coming out on June 1st, and Batman #52, coming out next week on the 11th.

Thank you, Snyder and Capullo, for giving us some of our best years reading comics, and we can only hope the Rebirth team and new New 52 team continues the streak of great storytelling. For details on what Snyder and Capullo are up to next, and their thoughts on the New 52 Batman comic run, check out their recent interview in Blastr and their interview on the official DC site.  Like their New 52 Batman run, the interviews are well worth taking some time to read.

Image: DC Comics / Greg Capullo

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