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MGM Takes Brandon Sanderson’s Snapshot

Artwork of a detective at a crime scene

MGM’s Snapshot movie will be based off Sanderson’s sci-fi novella of the same name, which hits shelves this coming February.

Back on July 22, 2016, Brandon Sanderson revealed on his blog that he had written a new novella called Snapshot, which he described as a “science fiction detective thriller.” He also revealed that you could pre-order a really nice leather-bound version of the novella from Vault Books, though it wasn’t going to be released until February this year, adding that if the price-tag caused you some heartburn, not to worry, because there would also be a much more affordably priced digital version, followed by a non-limited edition hardcover later in the year. And though we can’t verify this (yet), it’s apparently good, because Deadline is reporting that MGM already acquired the Snapshot movie rights.

So, What’s Snapshot About?

According to the official synopsis on Sanderson’s site, Snapshot follows police officer Anthony Davis, who’s been assigned to Snapshot duty. See, we (the royal We) have figured out a way to create snapshots of specific days in time, which include the “experiences people have, the paths they follow,” and all of this is made real again “for one day in the snapshot.” And, of course, these snapshots are totally, strictly to be used for the purpose of investigations by the courts and law enforcement.

Matt Ryan as Constantine, Image courtesy of NBC

So, Davis’ job as part of the Snapshot team is to view the recreated days in order to, say, find where a criminal dumped a gun, or review and document a domestic dispute. The work is “simple” and “mundane.” But, as always happens with this sort of thing, Davis stumbles onto something he wasn’t supposed to. In between cases, he decides to investigate “the memory of a call that was mysteriously never logged at the precinct” which leads to a horrifying discovery, which in turn means Davis now has to solve an equally horrifying crime.

Any Other Details Yet?

Not yet. No word on who will be adapting the novella, or who might direct it, or anything else like that. But, based on the cover art, and the general synopsis, I’d say Matt Ryan (He of NBC’s short-lived Constantine) would seem like a pretty good fit for the role.

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