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The Shannara Chronicles Finale Has Arrived

Promotional image from the Shannara Chronicles finale

What Did You Think of the Shannara Chronicles Finale?

(Yarr, Here There be SPOILERS)

When MTV announced they would be creating a fantasy-themed show based on Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, the fans were skeptical about how the show would play. Although Teen Wolf was a huge hit, the theme and the atmosphere of Shannara are very different, so it was questionable whether MTV would be able to do it justice, and whether the fans would like it. Even now, after the first season is over, the feelings and the reception are mixed – some people loved it, and some (mostly book-readers) didn’t as much. The show rests squarely at 50% on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, with opinions running the gamut from “…the show is continually compelling and complex” to “…a lot of hokey bombast.”  So what happened during the recent Shannara Chronicles Finale?

Continuing from the last episode, where we left off with a presumably dead Eretria in Wil’s arms, and Amberle consumed by the Bloodfire, the final episode “The Ellcrys” gives us a satisfactory ending to the season, and many cliffhangers for the rumored next one. Wil manages to revive Eretria with the power of the elfstones, and she uses her blood again to summon the Bloodfire and save Amberle from it. In the meantime, we see Amberle talking to the dying Ellcrys who reveals that she herself is the seed and that she needs to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world. The three of them try to leave Safehaven, but Eretria is left behind to fight the trolls and give Wil and Amberle the chance to run and save the tree, which they ultimately do – Amberle sacrifices herself and becomes the new Ellcrys, thus destroying all demons and securing peace, at least for a while. As it turns out, Bandon becomes completely consumed by evil and is presumably the main villain in season 2. Subsequently, Eretria is caught by the masked trolls and taken to their leader, whom she is familiar with, thus creating another plot line for season 2.

MTV still hasn’t announced season two details, however, so it’s uncertain when, or even whether, we will see the resolution of these mysteries. Here’s hoping the series is renewed.

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