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Neil Gaiman is Working On Sci-Fi TV Series ‘The Building’ For Fox

Image from Parallels, the basis for the upcoming Sci-Fi TV series The Building

Sci-fi TV series The Building is based off the recent Fox Digital movie Parallels.

Neil Gaiman’s a popular guy these days, with TV series adaptations of Good Omens, American Gods, and InterWorld in the works, and a new BBC radio play adaptation of Stardust. Well, Deadline’s letting us know to go ahead and add one more to the mix, the sci-fi TV series The Building. However,¬†in an interesting twist, this series won’t be based on a Gaiman property, but rather a recent Fox Digital movie called Parallels, which found a receptive audience when it was released to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime last year.

OK, What’s The Building About?

Much like the original movie, The Building revolves around a large, seemingly nondescript skyscraper that moves between alternate realities on Earth. A group of urban explorers enter the building¬†and are transported to an Earth where Reagan wasn’t elected and Russia went ahead and dropped the bomb. The group learns they’ve got a limited amount of time to figure out both where they are, and to rescue members of the team before the building again shifts them into a new, changed reality. However, this new Earth is not the original one, and it soon becomes apparent to the group that they may not be able to make it back to their original reality.

In addition to exploring whether the group will ever be able to make it back to their Earth, the series will also dive into the origin of the building, including who built it and why, and what happens on each floor of the building.

So How Gaiman Involved? And Who Else is Taking Part?

Gaiman and Christopher Leone (the writer and director of Parallels) worked together to develop the idea as a TV series for Fox, and the pair will serve as executive producers on the series. Angry Films’ Don Murphy and Susan Montford (who reportedly have a long working relationship with Gaiman) will be exec-producing as well.

Which brings us to Albert Kim, who wrote the script for The Building’s pilot, and will be serving as the showrunner for the series. He’s written and produced for Sleepy Hollow, Nikita, and Leverage, so he’s definitely got strong TV experience.

Trailer for Parallels

Looks pretty interesting, right? All in all, this sounds like a worthwhile series. I’ll definitely be tuning in for at least the first few episodes of the sci-fi TV series The Building.

Featured Image: Parallels Movie / 20th Century Fox

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