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Apocalyptic, Ice-Bound Sci-Fi Thriller Snowpiercer to Be Adapted For TV

Image of the Snowpiercer engine room - TNT grabs pilot for Snowpiercer TV series

The creators of the original South Korean movie will reportedly be involved with the Snowpiercer TV series.

Deadline is reporting that TNT has ordered a pilot for a Snowpiercer TV series, based off the 2013 South Korean sci-fi action thriller from director Bong Joon-Ho, which itself was an adaptation of the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige (The Snow-piercer.)

What’s Snowpiercer About?

Not having read the original graphic novel, I can’t speak to its quality, but for those who haven’t seen the 2013 South Korean adaptation, you should absolutely do so. It’s expertly made, interesting, and ultimately a lot of fun. Here’s a quick description of what it’s about.

In the near future, climate engineers attempt to counteract global warming, only to have their efforts backfire in the worst way possible, throwing the Earth into an ice age. Everyone is killed, except for those onboard a massive train called the Snowpiercer, which, powered by a perpetual-motion engine, travels around on a circumnavigational track. By 2031, the train, created by a mysterious, mythical transportation magnate known as Wilford, has been segregated into elite, extravagant front cars, and lower-class back cars where the conditions are terrible. Held in place by Wilford’s guards and Minister Mason, the back car inhabitants are given only nasty protein bars to eat, and certain children are occasionally taken away with no explanation. So, as often is the case, the back car folks have had enough, and they revolt.

Who’s Involved with the Snowpiercer TV Series?

Tomorrow Studios, who optioned the rights to a Snowpiercer TV series last year, will be producing alongside TNT, and have selected screenwriter Josh Friedman (who created and ran Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for Fox, and co-wrote Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds adaptation with David Koepp) to “write the series adaptation.” In addition to scripting duties, Friedman will also be serving as an executive producer and showrunner for the series.

Wait, series? Didn’t TNT just order the pilot? Well, yes, but apparently they’re also having “backup scripts written” for the project as well as the pilot. It seems pretty likely that this project will make it past the pilot stage, unless it’s some kind of amazing terrible.

Bong Joon-Ho and producer / director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker) will also both be serving as executive producers for the pilot, as well as CJ Entertainment, the distributor for the South Korean movie.

Trailer For the Snowpiercer Movie

Again, if you haven’t seen the movie, you should definitely do so. It’s absolutely worth your time. I’m very interested to see where they’ll take the Snowpiercer TV series.

Featured Image: Snowpiercer / CJ Entertainment

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