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Sci-Fi Series Falling Water: Born From a Drunk Discussion

Sci-fi series Falling Water, on the USA Network

We’ve all had those late-night drunk discussions with friends, where you sit around discussing some crazy concept, and eventually arrive at the “this would make an awesome movie or TV show” moment. Most times, however, it doesn’t go any further than that. Such was not the case with sci-fi series Falling Water, which not only survived the “drunk discussion” stage, it’s now set to debut on the USA Network in October. USA has just dropped the third trailer for the series, and it looks like it promises some pretty interesting mind-bending style action.

What is sci-fi series Falling Water About?

Here’s a very basic rundown of what the series is about:

The lives of three previously unrelated people, a New York detective, a trend-spotter, and a security chief, begin to intersect as they slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of what appears to be a single dream. Each one of them is currently on a personal quest. One is searching for his missing girlfriend, one is searching for her lost child, and one trying to find a cure for his catatonic mother. Clues found in their shared dream are guiding the three, and the deeper they dig, the move they realize their personal quests touch on stakes that are far greater than their personal goals.

The show is coming from Blake Masters and the late Henry Bromell (more on that in a moment), stars Lizzie Brochere (the trend-spotter), Will Yun Lee (the detective), and David Ajala (the security chief) is being produced by Gale Ann Hurd, and will feature a pilot directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later).

The Falling Water Trailers

Here are the three trailers for the Falling Water series, with the third one dropping just this past Tuesday.

The Genesis of Falling Water

OK. So, back to that bit about the series starting as a drunk discussion. At the recent Television Critics Association event, Masters, speaking to Nerdist, revealed the story behind the series. “Henry [Bromell] and I came up with this in 2006. The way we came up with it is: we were drunk. It was actually my bachelor dinner. Henry had this theory about how our dreams reflected our collective unconscious. Then across the table, this friend of mine said, ‘Henry, that’s a show!’ In 2008, the writers strike hit. We were bored, we walked around Santa Monica, and went, ‘Can we make that a show?’ This is before Inception, before any of those other things.

That last bit is probably intended to quiet claims that the show is merely an Inception rip-off. Masters continues that in 2013, he and Bromell had a meeting with Gale Anne Hurd, where they discussed upcoming projects. However, then tragedy struck. “Two weeks later Henry died, from an aorta rupture. I lost my partner on the show, I lost my brother, and then I didn’t touch the script for a year. Then I said, ‘I have to finish it.’ So I went back to Gale and did a small polish based on the script we did in 2008.”

After that, Fresnadillo came onboard the project, adding a “whole cinematic visual layer,” which led to USA picking the series up.

So, How Do the Dreams Work in Falling Water?

Master also revealed to Nerdist more details about how exactly the dreams work in Falling Water.

The basic premise of the show is we’re all dreaming parts of the same dream. Each individual dream is a tile in a mosaic. How we follow-up the meaning of that set-up — that’s what the show is gonna be. We set up the fundamental idea of the show, that these characters can walk into each other’s dreams, dreams can cross over. The other piece we set up is that what happens in your dreams isn’t a Greek chorus in your life — it’s the other half of your life. If you have a fight with your girlfriend in your dream and you wake up, you’ve fought and you wake up in a bad mood. So you can go into other people’s dreams, you can manipulate those dreams and affect behavior in the waking world.

Sci-fi series Falling Water, on the USA Network

He went on to say that despite a potentially unlimited premise, he’s not interested in keeping secrets from the audience and that they would offer concrete resolutions to some of the mysteries developed in the first season. Gale Anne Hurd added that while the series features moments where the line between reality and dreams blurs, “we’re always very clear about ‘This is a dream. This is reality.

When does Falling Water Premiere?

Sci-fi series Falling Water premieres on Thursday, October 13th, on the USA Network, in the 10 PM EST time slot.

So, what do you think? Are  you interested in Falling Water?

Featured Images: USA

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