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Freeform Travels to Beyond Season 2 With New Sci-Fi Series

Image for Sci-fi series Beyond, Freeform has just announced Beyond season 2

Freeform has not yet set a release date for Beyond season 2.

Roughly a week after the sci-fi series Beyond made its debut, THR is reporting that it’s been picked up for a second season by Freeform. The announcement regarding Beyond season 2 came during a panel for the show at the ongoing TCA2017 event, apparently surprising the cast and crew with the good news.

According to Freeform, more than 14 million people tuned in to watched Beyond during the first week, with 7.2 million of them reportedly watching the “linear premiere.” Now, because I’m not really a TV ratings expert, I had to look that up, and apparently, that refers to the people who watched it when it was broadcast in its traditional time-slot. Which I guess means the rest watched it via Freeform’s streaming service. Freeform is saying that Beyond’s ratings were the best numbers it’s scored across digital platforms in more than for years and that with three days of delayed viewing, Beyond also ranks as their biggest launch in a year, with 1.5 million total viewers, including 500,000 of them in the 18-49 adult age range.

And just because I know everyone else love bits of trivial information like me and is dying to know, here are a few more interesting factoids about Beyond’s viewing numbers:

  • The first person to binge all 10 episodes in the first season did so less than 10 hours after the episodes became available, using an iPhone and Freeform’s app.
  • Of all the people who binged the show during the first three days it was available, 26% watched it in one less-than-10-hour sitting, 59% watched it all within a day, and 93% watched it all within two days.
  • 51 percent of those viewing the show through Freeform’s app/website were new to the network.

So What’s Beyond About?

If you’re interested in checking out the show but want a little more information, Beyond is about a boy who has a mysterious encounter and is put into a 12-year coma. After he comes out of the coma in his early twenties, he has mysterious, superhero-like powers, and has to figure out why, what happened, and what his purpose is now. Still not convinced? You can watch the first episode right now, via this nifty embed from Freeform:

And if you enjoy it, you can binge the rest via the Freeform website or app, On Demand, or Hulu.

Any Other Beyond Season 2 Details Yet?

So far, just that the show has been renewed.

Featured Image: Freeform, from Beyond pilot

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