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Sci-Fi Novel The God Wave Explores Potential of The Human Brain

Futuristic image of a human eye with data lines - Sci-Fi Novel The God Wave Explores Potential of The Human Brain

The God Wave Is Now Available For Sci-Fi Fans Everywhere to Enjoy

If you’re interested in what would happen if the full potential of our brains was unlocked, The God Wave is definitely the book for you. That question is at the center of the debut sci-fi novel from author Patrick Hemstreet, a neuro-engineer, entrepreneur, patent-pending inventor, and special-warfare-trained Navy medic.

There’s a figure that gets tossed around a lot that you’ve probably heard before, and it goes something like this: humans only use about 10% of our brains. And though it’s now generally accepted that this is a myth there is still a lot we don’t understand about how the brain functions. This has served as the basis for a lot of speculative fiction, including the recent sci-fi action movie Lucy. The God Wave also uses a version of this conceit as a starting point. What is the potential of the human brain? If 100% of the brain’s power could be used, what would happen? Telekinesis? Telepathy? Mind control? Can this full capacity be controlled, once unlocked?

The Book cover for The God WaveHere’s the official synopsis of the book:

For decades, scientists have speculated about the untapped potential of the human brain. Now, neuroscientist Chuck Brenton has made an astonishing breakthrough. He has discovered the key—the crucial combination of practice and conditioning—to access the incredible power dormant in ninety percent of our brains. Applying his methods to test subjects, he has stimulated abilities that elevate brain function to seemingly “godlike” levels.

These extraordinary abilities can transform the world, replacing fear and suffering with tranquility and stability. But in an age of increasing militarization, corporate exploitation, and explosive technological discovery, a group of influential powerbrokers are determined to control these new superbeings for their own manipulative ends, and their motives may be far from peaceful.

In a recent interview, the novel’s author explained the title further, saying that the God Wave refers to a new EEG pattern or brain waveform. “Currently, we know of five EEG brain rhythms: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. The new waveform, the titular “God Wave” refers to the emergence of a sixth EEG frequency that accompanies extraordinary abilities. It is also referred to as a Zeta Wave in the book.” The author goes on to say that The God Wave, the first book in a planned trilogy, explores how this dormant power is accessed, what the discovery of these powers means for our society, and more.

If you’re interested in checking out The God Wave, you can head over to Amazon and pick up a copy now.

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