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Origins: A New Potential Sci-Fi Franchise is in the Works

Art of ruins showing alien technology - Sci-fi movie Origins picked up by Paramount

Could the upcoming sci-fi movie Origins be the next big franchise?

Right now, remakes, adaptations, and movies with franchise potential are big business. Most things with at least a decently sized pre-existing audience are being snapped up and turned into a movie, or TV series. And the more series or sequel potential, the better. So it’s not surprising to hear that Deadline is reporting Paramount Pictures has just made a deal with director Joachim Rønning after hearing the pitch on his franchise ready sci-fi movie Origins. So why is this potentially fairly cool news? Well, first, it’s an original story/concept, and second, it’s Rønning, though I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t recognize the name. Yet.

Rønning first showed up co-directing (with fellow Norwegian Espen Sandberg) the silly adventure movie Bandidas for Luc Besson. However, the duo followed that up with an infinitely more interesting movie about Norwegian WWII hero Max Manus, and Kon-Tiki, the amazing movie about Thor Heyerdal’s 1947 voyage across the Pacific on a balsawood raft. Both of the latter movies are well worth seeking out and demonstrate rock-solid filmmaking skill. Oh, and in about 5 months, Rønning and Sandberg are about to get a whole lot more recognition when their next directing effort, Dead Men Tell No Tales, (the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie) makes landfall.

So Who Will Be Involved With Sci-Fi Movie Origins?

Interestingly, this will be the third potential solo directorial effort for Rønning, as he’s also currently attached to the biblical Tom Cruise vehicle Methuselah and the “Viking-mythology-tinged origin story of St. Nick and Christmas” (!) called Winter’s Knight. Rønning will also be co-writing the script for Origins with his brother Andreas Rønning, and powerhouse producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing through his Bruckheimer Films banner.

And What’s Origins About?

Well, as with many early deals, the details are being kept pretty tightly under wraps. But apparently, Origins will be in a contemporary setting and is being described as a big-scale, high-concept science fiction premise with franchise potential. Here’s to hoping the brothers Rønning can deliver the same level of craftsmanship Kon-Tiki and Max Manus: Man of War had.


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