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UPDATE: That’s a Wrap! Duncan Jones Has Finished Shooting on Mute

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No release date has been set yet for Sci-Fi Movie Mute.

Well, it’s officially a wrap! This past Friday, director Duncan Jones tweeted that he’d wrapped shooting on Mute.

Sadly, Jones did not include a potential release date for Mute or any additional information. Here’s to hoping post-production goes both well and quickly, and the movie lines up for a 2017 release date! Though, admittedly, most sources are saying 2018 is more likely.

UPDATE 10-12-16: Justin Theroux Joins Mute Cast, Possibly to Perform Surgery

According to Variety, writer/actor Justin Theroux (currently acting on HBO’s The Leftovers, writer of Iron Man 2 and co-writer of Tropic Thunder and Rock of Ages) has been cast in Duncan Jones upcoming sci-fi movie Mute. And though the article doesn’t specify in what role, it does mention that he’s joining Rudd and Skarsgard, and seems to imply that he’ll be joining Rudd as the other of a ‘pair of odd American surgeons’ that Skarsgard runs into while looking for his girlfriend who has disappeared.

Definitely looking forward to this one, especially given a very intriguing trio of leads, if Theroux is indeed playing the other surgeon.

ORIGINAL POST 9-21-16: Sci-Fi Fans Rejoice! Duncan Jones Starts Filming Mute Next Week

Director Duncan Jones, who delivered the fantasy epic Warcraft earlier this year, has just verified via Twitter that he will start shooting sci-fi movie Mute next week. Which is absolutely awesome news, as Jones has a great record so far with sci-fi material. Say what you want about Warcraft, but both Moon and Source Code are standout examples of sci-fi filmmaking.

Brief Synopsis of Sci-Fi Movie Mute

The movie has been described as Casablanca set in the future, through the lens of Bladerunner, which is one of Jones’ favorite movies. More specifically, the movie is set in Berlin, 40 years in the future, and centers around the mysterious kidnapping of a voiceless bartender, who’s currently searching for his girlfriend, who recently vanished.

Jones has been working for more than a decade to get the project off the ground, including working a graphic novel. In the past, Jones has indicated that Mute will be related to his directing debut Moon, something which he also re-confirmed over twitter. Duncan has also said that Moon and Mute are part of a trilogy.

Mute will star Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) as the mute bartender, and Paul Rudd as one of a pair of American surgeons (casting on the other surgeon hasn’t been revealed yet) that the bartender meets on his journey through the underbelly of future Berlin. Also showing up in the movie will be Sam Rockwell in a small part. Perhaps playing his character (…) from Moon?

In addition to directing, Jones is also co-writing the screenplay along with writing partner Michael Johnson (one of the credited writers on the 2009 Sherlock Holmes from Guy Ritchie). Jones also confirmed back in July that he would again be working with Clint Mansell, who scored Moon for the composer. Hopefully, with the movie starting shooting next week, we’ll see the film next year.

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