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Kin Confirmed: Baker Brothers Back for Big Screen “Bag Man” Adaptation

Still from sci-fi short film Bag Man, being adapted into the upcoming sci-fi movie Kin

According to Deadline, the minds behind the simple, shocking sci-fi short film “Bag Man” are bringing the idea to the big screen as the sci-fi movie Kin. Set to start filming October 24, 2016, the action packed sci-fi film directed by twins Jonathan and Josh Baker boasts a star-studded cast, including Jack Reynor, James Franco, Zoe Kravitz, and Dennis Quaid.

The film follows a recently released convict, played by Reynor, and the band of outlaws (including his adopted little brother) who join him on the run, as they attempt to escape not only a psychopathic criminal (Franco) and the government, but a fleet of “otherworldly” soldiers as well. Hunted for reasons unknown for now, the only protection the group has against its enemies is a powerful weapon of mysterious origins.

Kin is shrouded in secrecy so far, and no hints have been released regarding the rest of the plot. Daniel Casey of Dr0ne fame is the handling the scripting, and members of the team that produced the sensational Stranger Things are on board, promising to make Kin a heart-pounding thriller to look forward to.


Bag Man” was released in 2014, and left its loving audience drowning in questions. It’s hauntingly beautiful landscape shots, quiet determination, and a creeping sense of foreboding looming in the gray skies, culminates in the reveal of the alien weapon, the secret in the boy’s bag. The blocky metal gun, complete with a yellow holographic targeting system, makes the design of the weapon quite reminiscent of the industrial style alien technology that’s been highly popularized in the last decade of alien films. How the boy acquired the gun, and why he made the trek to practice using it, isn’t known.

However, on the short film’s website, after scrolling a mile to the bottom of the cast list, the tantalizing link “As a feature film?” appears, an early teaser for the now confirmed Kin.

After following the link, an enticing note from the Baker Brothers reads:

Would you like to see BAG MAN as a feature film? Hmm, so would we. Would it explain where the thing actually came from? Maybe. Might it show where the boy found the weapon? Certainly. Might the original owner come looking for the gun? Absolutely! Like two excited children, we wait patiently for the opportunity to turn this short story into a full length feature film. Quiet, character-driven, with more than a small dose of sci-fi.

To get your mind ready for the sci-fi adventure that will be Kin, take a moment to experience the beauty of “Bag Man.”

So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to the upcoming sci-fi movie Kin?

Featured Image: Baker Brothers / Bag Man

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