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Elements: Author James Frey Adapts Canadian Series Time Out

Artwork of a frozen landscape - Author James Frey Adapts Canadian Series Time Out, turns it into sci-fi drama series Elements for USA Network

No casting details or potential release date for sci-fi drama series Elements have been revealed yet.

Amidst all the sci-fi related news flowing out of New York Comic Con, we almost missed Deadline reporting that the USA Network has just put sci-fi drama series Elements into development. The pilot for the series, an adaptation of the Canadian, French language web series Time Out (Temps Mort), was written by author James Frey and marks his TV writing debut. Frey’s company, Full Fathom Five, will also be executive producing the series in partnership with Amblin TV, Intrigue, and Universal Cable Productions.

What Will Sci-fi drama series Elements Be About?

The series follows the aftermath of an extreme, worldwide environmental shift. On a beautiful day in sunny Miami, it begins snowing and doesn’t stop. As the world slowly freezes, one man sets out to find his fiancee before the world falls into a state of complete stasis.

More on James Frey and the Original Series

If Frey’s name sounds familiar to you, but you’re not quite sure why, you might recognize him as the author of the memoir / novel A Million Little Pieces. Released in April of 2003, the book was said to be a “brutally honest” recounting of Frey’s drug abuse experiences, criminal record, and time in rehab. But, as it turns out, it was eventually revealed Frey made up and / or borrowed many experiences from the book. The story is an interesting one (which you can read more about here) but is mostly mentioned here for the sake of context.

The original Canadian web series consisted of forty short episodes spread over three seasons. The first season had 10 episodes, roughly 4 minutes each, followed by 17 episodes in season 2, roughly 7 minutes each, and 13 episodes in Season 3 totaling about 2 and a half hours. It was self-financed at first, through Babel Films, but eventually gained some support from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

If you’re interested, Babel Films has posted the complete first two seasons on Vimeo for viewing:

There are no additional details yet, but we’ll be keeping our eye out for more on this series as it develops.

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