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Sci-Fi Movie Spectral Materializes Out of Thin Air for December Release

An alternate version of Venice - Sci-fi movie Spectral picked up by Netflix

Sci-Fi Movie Spectral will be streaming on Netflix in early December.

Like a phantom in the shadows, this action thriller sci-fi movie Spectral suddenly appeared, only 3 weeks from its Netflix release date on December 9, 2016. It’s being described as Black Hawk Down meets Ghost Hunters, and who wouldn’t wanna see that? People who also don’t like pizza and happiness, that’s who.

What’s Spectral about?

The film, which takes place in an older European city mysteriously plagued by ghost bad guys who are killing civilians with no explanation. The city, already thrashed by war, is being terrorized by these phantoms, and so a DARPA scientist gathers a Spec-Ops team of Delta Force soldiers to defend the city, and figure out why these ghostly villains are here, and why they’re killing people.

Who’s acting in it?

The movie is was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, and tells the story of a US Special Forces Unit lead by James Badge Dale (Captain Speke from World War Z) who plays Clyne. Other main roles will be filled by Clayne Crawford (Convergence, Wrist Cutters: A Love Story), Max Martini (Pacific Rim), Jimmy Akingbola (voice acted in GoldenEye 007 the video game), Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, I, Robot), and Gonzalo Menendez (Breaking Bad).

Neil Gaiman’s a popular guy these days, with TV series adaptations of Good Omens, American Gods, and InterWorld in the works, and a new BBC radio play adaptation of Stardust. Well, Deadline’s letting us knowto go ahead and add one more to the mix, the sci-fi TV series The Building. However, in an interesting twist, this series won’t be based on a Gaiman property, but rather a recent Fox Digital movie called Parallels, which found a receptive audience when it was released to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime last year. [Click here to read more…]

Behind the scenes info on sci-fi action thriller Spectral:

Legendary Pictures produced the film, which was based on a story by Ian Fried and director Nic Mathieu. George Nolfi (Timeline, Oceans Twelve) wrote the screenplay. Netflix picked up the rights from Universal Studios and will release the film on streaming December 9, 2016.

Featured Image: Courtesy of the awesome ThatNicKid

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