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What Unanswered Star Wars Questions Might Rogue One Answer?

The rebel council meeting in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just a week away, we take a look at some key questions the movie might answer.

After the excitement of The Force Awakens last year, it was hard to imagine that anything could have us as hyped for Star Wars. It saw the return of old favorites like Han and Chewie, the arrival of fresh heroes in Rey, Finn, and Poe, and the revival of the iconic symbols and plot of the original trilogy. For old school fans, it was like putting the dark days of the prequels behind us. For a younger generation who love the prequel films, it combined modern effects work with elements from the original trilogy, reminding everyone of what makes Star Wars so exciting.

Yet Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has become a source of just as much excitement and speculation. Dropping in AT-AT walkers, X-wings, and Darth Vader, it looks set to tell us more about what was happening in the original films. Not only does it look exciting in its own right, but it could add fresh perspective to films many of us grew up loving.

So what unanswered questions might Rogue One address?

How Did the Rebellion Start?

Thanks to Revenge of the Sith, we know how the Empire got started. But we know much less about how the rebellion came together. In the face of Palpatine’s vast imperial power, how were rebel politicians and soldiers able to unite without being crushed?

Rogue One’s main action doesn’t go back to the start, but it looks like there will be scenes from Jyn Erso’s youth, as well as rebel leaders present in the main plot. Perhaps these will give us an insight into how the rebellion got started.

How Did the Rebels Get All Those Resources?

For a rag-tag band on the run, the Rebel Alliance always seemed to have a lot of resources. Fleets of space fighters. Fortresses on isolated moons. A whole armada of warships. Were these stolen from the Empire, provided by wealthy and secretive backers, somehow built by the rebels while they were on the run…?

This is something that’s less likely to be answered. After all, it’s what the rebels do with this stuff that makes them exciting. But some of us logistical nerds will be looking long and hard at the rebellion, trying to work out how we would equip our own.

Why Would Anyone Not Believe in the Force and Jedi?

One of the biggest plot holes in Star Wars was people’s attitudes towards the Force. Why would someone as smart as Han Solo, or people as well educated as the Death Star’s senior officers, not believe in it? Only a couple of decades before, the galaxy was policed by Jedi. They used their powers publicly. They had a whole training school. In the face of all that evidence, why would anyone not believe in the force?

Donnie Yen’s character Chirrut Îmwe is going to be a spiritual believer in the Force but not a Jedi. Hopefully his presence will raise questions about the Force as religion, and so make the writers answer this aggravating question.

Who Built the Death Star?

We know that this is going to be answered, at least in part. We know from trailers and leaks that Jyn Erso’s father, Galen, is involved in the superweapon’s design and construction. Who else helped build it? It looks like we’ll find out.

Why is There Such an Easy Way to Destroy the Death Star?

Any Star Wars fan worth their salt has said at some point “I wouldn’t have built the Death Star like that”. After all, there had to be a better way to ventilate it, one that didn’t leave a channel the rebels could fire proton torpedoes down. Engineers look out for that sort of thing.

With a rebel’s father working on the design, are we about to discover that the weak point was left there deliberately? If not, will we at least be given an explanation?
A lot of fans hope so.

Why Was Leia Carrying the Only Copy of the Death Star Plans?

If you got hold of vital information on your enemies’ secret weapon, would you just send one copy with one princess? Or would you send multiple copies via multiple couriers, because this information is so important it has to get through?

Of course you would. Fail-safes matter, people.

So why, at the start of A New Hope, is Leia apparently carrying the only copy of the stolen Death Star plans? Was there a security feature that stopped them being copied? Were other copies made and the messengers caught? Were they just stupid or in a rush?

Depending on how far the film takes its story, we may find out.

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Why is Grand Moff Tarkin in Charge of Darth Vader?

By the end of Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader has publicly shown just how powerful and important he is to the emperor. By Empire Strikes Back he’s overseeing all of the Empire’s important plans. So why, at the time of A New Hope, is the dark lord of the Sith answering to a guy in a grey uniform with an English accent?

Given that Vader will appear in Rogue One – voiced once again by James Earl Jones – it seems that we’ll see more of how he fitted into the Empire’s hierarchy, and why he wasn’t just force choking any admiral who tried to tell him what to do.

How Much Attention Will the New Films Pay to the Prequels?

Love them or hate them, the prequels exist. The question is, how much influence will they have on this new wave of Star Wars films? It wasn’t an issue for The Force Awakens, set decades after the original trilogy. But as a prequel, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is Lucasfilm’s first chance to create a bridge between the trilogies and to reconcile the haters to the divisive prequels.

Will we see an older, wiser Jarjar Binks and pod racing on the television? Or will that whole part of Star Wars history be quietly set aside? What this film does will set a precedent for others that follow. Getting this right or wrong could hugely shape the fan response. And in just a week, we’ll know how.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm / Disney

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