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Roddenberry’s Post Apocalyptic Holoscape TV Series Optioned

Post apocalytpic cityscape - Roddenberry's Post Apocalyptic Holoscape TV Series Optioned

Holoscape TV Series to Be Produced In Partnership With Storyoscopic Films

Star Trek producer (and yes, son of the legendary Gene Roddenberry) Rod Roddenberry will be bringing us a new sci-fi series, according to Deadline. Storyoscopic Films has optioned the rights to Roddenberry’s Holoscape TV series, and will be co-producing the series alongside Roddenberry Entertainment and Jump! Creative. The groups feel that like Star Trek and its many spin-offs, the series will have a strong international appeal, driven by diversity in its cast, characters, and overall scope.

Holoscape TV Series Synopsis

“The series is set in the aftermath of World War 3 and the collapse of civilization. Using a mysterious device from the war, a powerful artifact called the Holoscape, a group of young survivors discover that they are part of a conspiracy that has shaped the destiny of humankind, but are given the chance to escape their present and save our future.”

Trevor Roth, the Head of Development for Roddenberry Entertainment, had this to say regarding the new partnership:

“Storyoscopic holds a unique place in the industry due to its strong ties to China and the International Market. That, along with its sense for strong properties and compelling stories, makes them a perfect collaborator for a global concept like Holoscape.”

On the other end, Storyoscopic’s Marcus Englefield added:

“From cast and locations to stories and sensibilities, this property was made for international success. There is no more fitting a name than Roddenberry to create something with such planetary appeal, and there is no more fitting a concept than Holoscape to bring Eastern and Western worlds together in this way.”

Rod Roddenberry’s pretty busy these days, and will also be serving as a producer Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek TV series, which will be warping its way into our living rooms in early 2017.

So, it’s early, and there’s not much to go on yet, but what do you think of the premise?  Is this something you’d be interested in watching?

Featured Image: Livio Ramondelli / Instagram

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