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Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Game Is In the Works

Concept Art for a Star Wars Game

The Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Game Sounds Like It’s On the Right Track

With the huge success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the rising anticipation for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s no wonder the fans are craving more Jedi and Sith goodness, and now it seems they will have their wish come true, in the form of an upcoming Respawn Entertainment Star Wars game.

EA announced they are working with Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment to bring us an “all-new third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.” Although we currently have no additional information, this is enough to get the excitement going, given that Titanfall was such a successful and critically-acclaimed game. This hopefully means that a seriously bright future awaits the upcoming Star Wars game, and we’re going to be getting a seriously fun and well-crafted game.

Stig Asmussen from Respawn Entertainment is leading the work on the game, which is great news after his stellar results with the God of War series. This is what he had to say about the collaboration: “Developing a game within the ever-expanding Star Wars universe opens up so many paths for us to go down, and an unparalleled playground to design within. We have already planted the seeds by assembling a small, but incredibly talented team, ready for the amazing journey that lies ahead.” He also added that “fans should expect the exemplary level of quality first established at Respawn with Titanfall, a game that epitomizes our studio’s dedication to slick, larger-than-life action and fun, groundbreaking mechanics.

Respawn Entertainment Star Wars game announcement image

Asmussen is a long-time fan of the franchise, and he promises to pay proper respect to Star Wars legacy at all times.

As it turns out, the Respawn Entertainment Star Wars game isn’t the only one on the horizon – there is also a mysterious unnamed Star Wars game being made at Visceral Games.

Featured Image: Zahir Batin

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