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Remember: Remember When Virtual Reality Aliens Invaded?

A partially destroyed city after a war or alien invasion - Remember: Remember VR Series In the Works at AMD

Virtual Reality played a big role at the latest Comic-Con. And while VR is making waves in gaming, with games being developed for platforms like the Oculus Rift, it’s also invading movies and TV. Remember that recently announced Darth Vader VR movie? And this year, it seemed like most networks had a VR experience to share with fans.  DC and Samsung put together a massive Suicide Squad VR installation and Fox was there with an X-Men: Apocalypse VR experience. Other shows that came packing VR experiences were American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, The Man in the High Castle, Rick and Morty, and Mr. Robot. And it looks like, at least for the time being, VR isn’t going anywhere. Deadline has revealed a deal has closed for the Remember: Remember VR series, a big-budget, alien-invasion themed project being developed by graphics and tech company AMD and director Kevin Cornish.

Synopsis for the Remember: Remember VR Series

The series will start in the wake of an alien invasion, and draw audiences back to their destroyed apartment for the first time. There, each item the viewer finds sees in the rubble will trigger a different memory. According to Deadline, “the series explores the themes of memory through virtual reality via a series of flashbacks that centers around a love story.”

Cornish is no stranger to VR. His latest project which he produced and directed, two different Teen Wolf VR experiences, debuted at this most recent Comic-Con. According to Cornish, the way the Teen Wolf VR experience works is that viewers are in a scene with characters, and depending on who they decided to engage with, they can change the ending. Whether they viewer lives through the experience or dies can depend on who they listen to.

Cornish is also working on another project called Believe VR with AMD, which, similar to Teen Wolf, will use a gaze-activated system that changes scenes and dialogue depending on which character the viewer is looking at. No distribution partner has been announced yet for Remember: Remember, but according to Cornish and AMD, that information is coming.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in the Remember: Remember VR series? And with gaming groups like the Rogue Initiative pulling in big names like Michael Bay, do you think VR will play a big role in games, and continue to spill over to movies and TV?

Featured Image: Livio Ramondelli / Instagram

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