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Coming Soon to the Predator Reboot: Benicio Del Toro?

Still from the original Predator movie

So, Shane Black’s upcoming Predator reboot may be gaining some interesting star power. According to a recent Deadline report, Benicio Del Toro (receiving strong praise for his recent role in Sicario, and recognizable to Marvel movie fans as The Collector), is in talks to join the cast.

According to the report, the talks are still at an early stage. In addition, no further details have been revealed about what possible role Del Toro might have in the movie. Earlier, Black has expressed hope that the movie would begin shooting in September or October, but if they’re still locking down the cast, that hope may be delayed a bit.

A Quick Recap of What We Know About the Predator Reboot
  • Shane Black (who co-starred in the original Predator in the role of Hawkins) will be directing the reboot, and he and Fred Dekker (who directed cult film The Monster Squad, which he co-wrote with Black) will be co-writing it.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is not officially confirmed as being involved with the project yet, though Black has said they’ve discussed it.
  • The Predator reboot will be taking place in the present day.
  • New Predator technology will be highlighted in the reboot.
Speculating on the Predator Reboot

So, now that those pesky facts are out of the way, let’s do some speculating. In the past, Del Toro wouldn’t necessarily be the type of actor you’d consider for a lead, but rather in a support role or as part of an ensemble (think Snatch, Traffic, and The Usual Suspects). But, with the recent heat he’s picked up from Sicario, it’s not a stretch to imagine he could pick up the lead, or at least a lead, role in something like The Predator. And while Del Toro has done villainous work in the past, I’m guessing this role will be on the “good guys” side, or at least as good as Black allows the protagonists to be.

So, what do you think? Will Del Toro be a good addition to the Predator reboot?

Feature Image: 20th Century Fox

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