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Who Just Scored the Plutona Movie Rights?

Panel from Plutona Comic Book - Who Just Acquired the Plutona Movie Rights?

Comics Series Plutona Is Headed to The Big Screen

Deadline has just revealed that Waypoint Entertainment has acquired the Plutona movie rights. For those not familiar with Plutona, it’s a five issue limited comic series that came out last September from respected writer Jeff Lemire and illustrator Emi Lenox.  The series is a coming of age story, dealing with a group of teens who discover the body of a famous dead superhero in the woods.

Waypoint Entertainment’s Ken Kao will be producing the project with partner Dan Kao. Under the deal, they will be producing alongside Addictive Picture’s Russel Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

Issue 1 cover for Plutona comicJeff Lemire had this to say about the deal:

Plutona has been a labor of love for us and we were very careful about finding a home for it, and we are thrilled that the team at Addictive and Waypoint share our passion for the story and for its potential as a film.

Lemire, known for quieter, humanistic stories has spent years in the trenches with both DC and Marvel comics. He is currently writing All-New Hawkeye, Extraordinary X-Men, Moon Knight and Old Man Logan for Marvel. Lenox has worked on such critically acclaimed series as Nowhere Men, Madman, and Sweet Tooth.

Waypoint Entertainment’s Other Projects

Waypoint Entertainment previously acquired the rights to two other comic properties from Mark Milar, American Jesus, and Supercrooks. These titles will also be produced by the Kaos and Addictive Pictures. Waypoint is also currently in pre-production on a sci-fi thriller called Tau, which has a pretty intense premise:

Julia, once a street-smart grifter, becomes the latest victim kidnapped and held captive in a fatal experiment. The only thing standing in the way of her freedom is TAU, an advanced artificial intelligence developed by Alex (Skrein), her captor. TAU is armed with a battalion of drones that automate a futuristic smart house. TAU’s potential is only limited by his understanding of the world he exists in, but TAU is ready for more. Julia, showing resourcefulness and courage, must race against time to bridge the boundaries between man and machine, connect to TAU and win her freedom before she suffers the same fate as the previous subjects.

So, how excited is everyone that the Plutona movie rights have been picked up, and we may be seeing a film soon?

Featured Image: Image Comics

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