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Talking Phobe: New Dawn with Writer/Director of the Sci-Fi Cult Classic Phobe

phobe: new dawn

We caught up with Erika Benedikty, the Creator of Phobe to Discuss the Upcoming Sequel to the Canadian Sci-Fi Cult Film, Phobe: New Dawn

In an exclusive interview with Erica Benedikty, we got the scoop on the upcoming sequel to the Canadian cult classic, Phobe: The Xenophobic ExperimentsThe featured image is Erica’s rough draft poster design for the sequel, Phobe: New Dawn, hoping to premiere sometime in 2018.

Background on Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments 

The original ultra-low budget film was written in 1989 for a college assignment, and filmed on Super 8mm. The finished product ended up with a six-minute runtime, and featured the mullet-rockin’ protagonist, Sgt. Dapp, hunting mini-Phobe’s through the halls of her Niagara Falls college campus.

For those who haven’t seen the sci-fi film that flooded the Canadian Public Access channel in 1994, you can pick up a remastered version on DVD on the official Phobe website. Ever since the film premiered in theaters at the Toronto Laserblast Film Society WTF festival, and Erica saw the audience clapping and cheering on Sgt. Dapp, she wanted to create a new saga of Phobe adventures.

Luckily for fans, Erica is now working to make that dream a reality.

phobe: new dawn

Erica’s rough draft poster concept for Phobe: New Dawn, the long-awaited Phobe sequel.

Phobe: New Dawn

“I’ve been toying with the idea [for a sequel]. Over the summer, I finally wrote a script for Phobe 2, so now I’m in the process of rewriting it.”

You heard it here first friends; a hero has officially been reawakened from their slumber to hunt down more alien-experiments-gone-wrong. Erica says of the sequel that, “The story is going to take place 25 years later,” but admits she’s facing trouble trying to create to movie that “will look really cool in the year 2017.”

Modern Makeover for Phobe: New Dawn

The biggest hurdle is re-imagining the costumes and visuals for a less innocent, more critical modern audience. “Football shoulder pads and army camo might not cut it this time, I think,” she said, laughing.

Erica originally envisioned a sci-fi film with a touch of horror that needed a budget of $500,000 to bring to life, and some industry professionals to go along with it. The original Phobe was filmed on one camera, and the whole thing was manned by volunteers from the Niagara region.

This time, hoping the popularity of the original will persuade investors to dig a little deeper into their coin purses, Erica wants to bring to life her original concept of a “kick-ass military type creature. I want the Phobe to be what I originally envisioned as a cross between a Predator and a Terminator.”

She goes on to say that to maintain the feeling that this creature is truly a threat to the protagonist, she wants the creature to have “the basic body of a human, and hands so it can work with weapons, and be creative and cunning. I don’t want an alien that has unrealistic hands that couldn’t open a bag of chips, or a face with large fangs and drool coming out of its mouth. It has to look like it can communicate with other Phobes.”

Nailing Down a Budget

Grab a Copy of Phobe via Severin Films, or Amazon

Though technology has dramatically advanced since the inception of Phobe, the cost of that technology has remained fairly out of reach for most indie filmmakers. “At this point,” Erica says, “I’m not sure of a budget yet. I may try and get a studio on board to finance the project. Another option would be low-budget and maybe some crowd-funding- nothing too large, but enough to make it really cool.”

“At the very least,” Erica hopes for a budget “higher than $250. It’s still too early to say, though.”

The Phobe team is currently searching for talented filmmakers, artists and fans who can create FX in After Effects, or are able to provide equipment, or are interested in collaborating on costume concepts, or are just willing to provide a little financial support, so if you’re interested in helping to bring the sequel to the Canadian cult classic Phobe to life, contact Erica below:

Via Twitter: @PHOBE_LIVES,

Or Email Erica at phobe1994@gmail.com

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