One random cop almost did this, your team easily gets the job done.


Yeah, the hardest part of this is te language barrier, I suppose... otherwise, most of the characters on this list just sort of carve through the guards...


Yeah, the hard part is find out where are they, once they get into the game, they can just kill eveyone, most of them can do it alone, and call it a day. Let be real, Riddler can found out who was behind the game in like an hour or so


Hardest part is more likely to be keeping Bop & Rock from charging in and murdering all the hostages as well by accident.


well Flash, Yor, Spy and Floyd would be there to tell them who to shoot at


>**Flash,** Yor, Spy and **Floyd** Wait, so characters from their universe that weren't mentioned in the prompt are giving them orders?


Flash Thompson and Floyd Lawton, aka Agent Venom and Deadshot


Oh lol. I forgot that was their real names, my bad.


Who cares about the language barrier? I'm sure they all speak bullet, which is the last thing that would go through all their minds as deadshot solo murders the entire guard force within an hour.


I just love how that random street cop just so happened to have... * master hand-to-hand combat skills * advanced scuba diving skills * perfect English (even to the point of understanding slang) * and special forces level urban warfare skills Like, seriously, will season 2 reveal that this dude was a South Korean equivalent of a Navy SEAL or something?


He had very overbearing parents. He can also play the piano, violin, and found the cure for cancer


But they're still very disappointed in him.


Why is he not an astronaut? He brings dishonor on his family!


The three aspects of being Asian: honour, living honourably and avoiding dishonour.


US special forces often train alongside Korean special forces and Korea has mandatory military service for all men They might not even need to reveal it. People in Korea might just assume he was special forces


TBH, I also expect him to survive the fall from S1 and show back up in S2. Korean Supercop does not rest.


Not just random, but also completely incompetent.


I mean probably? Agent Venom could probably do it alone


How well would the rest of the team do(also what plan would you make with them)


1. get in 2. kill almost of all of these characters are easily super human, normal guards with guns wouldn't stand a chance to any of them except MAYBE the spy.


alright here's my plan step one: have Spy, Yor and Flash go in disguised as guards. step two: have the three meet in somewhere hidden (like a closet) and radio back that there in. step three: Have riddler hack into there systems and release the players step four: Have Bebop, Rocksteady and Deadshot arrive by boat and start tearing shit up step five: have the team escort the players to boats that have been deployed to the beach would this plan work


yeah definitely. I don't think there's anything they have that could really prevent this from happening or fight against it once it does. it's a pretty grounded all things considered organization in terms of manpower and technical ability


Not to I’m mention the guards would start panicking as soon as an they realized there would an actual battle


Assuming the spy's disguise kit works on non-TF2 people, he'll have no problem either. Remember that it's not like any of the defenses are going to take "can turn invisible" and "can instantly disguise as absolutely anyone" into consideration.


Any of these people could solo


It would probably be harder as a team tbh


Definitely makes it more interesting if they're all in character, would be extremely chaotic.


I don't understand how this is a challenge. The Front Man and everyone involved in the Squid Games are just regular men. Any of your characters can immediately solo them all.


uhhhhh........ yes?


I like your random-ass team but as others said, it's massive overkill... Tho, admittedly, in character they might struggle to work together. Most of them could solo tho. Giving the Squid Games staff some special guards would make it interesting.


what would be some of the struggling in character


I don't know enough about them to say, but I can imagine Riddler abandoning the team to check out what the games are like and then trying to take over to do his own games instead. Bebop and Rocksteady surely just fuck around and don't care about the objective. I don't know enough about this version of Venom but I imagine he is chaotic? Deadshot and Spy seem like the types to take something for themselves and just leave (or double-cross), especially if the others are causing shit. Yor probably tries to complete the objective but the rest of the team is in her way, annoying her.


Flash Thompson is a lot less chaotic of a host than Eddie Brock (he's ,military vet who puts the mission first)


If he is a good leader and if the others are paid well it can work.


Agent Venom can solo


DCEU Deadshot solos just by shooting everyone.


The real question here is, does the players WANT to be freed?




I mean wasn't it like, all but a dozen or so voluntarily came back? (Which by the way was the least logical thing to happen in the show. Like I could see a handful of them decide it's worth it, but seeing hundreds of people slaughtered in front of you would definitely scare the VAST majority away)


oh right sorry (what plan would you use)


Well, if you want to go espionage, The spy solos considering a cop with a stolen outfit nearly destroyed the operation. That being said Deadshot or Venom have the much simpler task of just... murdering everyone. That being said, I see this whole thing as being set up by the Riddler because he didn't like the gimmick infringement of puzzle based death traps, so he wanted to take over the island as another base of operations.


Agent Venom alone could do this


Your strike team stomps the guards. The guards are equipped with, what, assault rifles (AKs by the looks of it). They stand no chance against even a single one of these characters.


mp5's thanks




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Most of these people alone can slaughter their way through the guards with mid to low difficulty


Hell, Spy could do this single handedly. He's got the skills and the gadgets to pull it off.