I have 0 problems saying I did nothing & loved every second of it.


OP lost me at “there’s **always** a sense of one up man ship” . OP sounds like they might have an asshole on their hands, but that doesn’t make everyone an asshole. I would love to hear that coworkers have had a relaxing weekend where they sit around and do nothing


Insecurity, probably young or new to corporate life.


Yes! My coworkers and I cheer each other on when we did nothing over the weekend. Asking about your coworkers life outside of work is just how you get to know people and make friends, you spend a lot of time around them, might as well. Hard to say who without more information, but somebody in this story is an insecure asshole.




I have had many lovely conversations with colleagues about the weekend’s activities, and not a single one ever contained a bizarre one-upmanship vibe. If someone asks you how your weekend went, just smile with your face lit up and say “oh man, I slept SO WELL” and everyone will be thrilled for you because adults *fucking love* a good night’s sleep.


Hey, Peterman! Check out channel 9! Check out this chick!


Can you at least pretend we can't hear each other through the walls?


Most definitely. I always ask about my coworkers weekend, it’s just a polite and friendly thing to do. I can’t imagine someone actually being mad about it lmao


I got super stoned and caught up on House of the Dragon and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Oh, you went hiking and threw a child’s birthday party? Sounds like hell.


That was me in corporate life. I never felt my weekend activity was good enough so I made shit up or at the very least elanorated on the truth. Basically I felt very lonely and alone and felt a huge need to hide this fact ftom my colleagues


I feel that social media compounded this problem exponentially. Before it was just the Hollywood and tv media’s perception of what they believe it to be. Deleting Facebook changed everything for me and I can tell with my younger coworkers that they are a little surprised when I endorse them doing nothing, catching up on sleep, or calling in for a mental health day when they need it. I don’t know if it’s hustle culture or keeping up with the joneses or what the hell is happening but dang. Y’all need to give yourselves a break!


Yeah I mean most of the time I’m like oh mostly just some yard work and took my wife to dinner and they’re like yeah just did a little shopping and we watched such and such movie. Maybe it’s a younger thing to be like oh we flew out to LA to do lunch or something I dunno us older folks are ok with being boring.


i’m a younger folk and i’m ok with being boring. all i do on weekends or maybe every day is read, draw, watch videos, and bake. and play video games occasionally


Same. Mid-20's here and I like spending my weekends with mundane stuff. Life is already hectic so why choose to make it more hectic?


The weekend is typically when/where anything new or exciting happens. Weeknights are typically slow for a lot of people, so asking about it really won't go anywhere conversationally. The weekend on the other hand typically has all the good stuff. Much easier for people to expand upon. >I would love to hear that coworkers have had a relaxing weekend where they sit around and do nothing. I have a couple of friends that do exactly this. They always seem happy about it and it's nice to have that energy in the group chat.


Honestly that’s my favorite part when someone smiles and says I stayed home. Fucking magical words.


Its also just like, one of the only things you can talk about with coworkers if you don’t know them well. I think OP is being a bit paranoid assuming that everyone is trying to one-up them.


I think OP is a bit lonely and feels “sad” that he never has anything better than “nothing” to say during those moments. Without a family, kids, friends, saying “sitting alone with my dog” might seem like a sad thing for some.


ah, oh wow that’s probably it




I just showed up to work after 4 days off AND a roadtrip and and I don't think I once had to talk about my weekend.


Or the OP is the asshole who thinks they have to “one up” people! 🤷🏻‍♀️ If I ask you how your weekend is it is because I genuinely care. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t care. And whatever you did, as long as it made you happy, then that is fine! Whether it be partying all weekend, going hiking up a mountain, or lying in bed streaming shows all weekend! You do you!


Agreed, it always makes me feel better about myself when I find out that I had a better weekend than my coworkers.


I don't agree with OP on the sense of "one-up-manship" but I absolutely agree with the sense of feeling like I have to justify my time off. Like if I didn't have plans, why couldn't I come in for overtime? Fuck that shit.


Yeah, it's really just an icebreaker. You can just be honest about it. Most ppl I know would even be humoured by it and totally relate


"I got shit faced and was too hungover to get out of bed most of the next day."


That's exactly what I tell my coworkers. He says the same thing. He said that "Someone once told me that I should get out and enjoy life."He said "what if I enjoy sitting around and doing nothing!" He's right.


My coworker usually says, "I went fishing and did x/y/z." That's about it. Often times he says, "I did nothing." My response is always, "Sounds like a good time then." We work hard or hardly work, but doing nothing is fantastic and often underrated or even called lazy.


I only ask my coworkers because I do genuinely enjoy hearing about their hobbies/projects/passions or even a good movie / show they binged. If you tell me that you just caught up on house work and watched trash TV all night, I'm gonna give you a *hell yeah, glad it was relaxed* and move on with life.


Half the time I'm just looking for Netflix reccomendations


I pretty much go into a vegetative state as soon as I get home


Fr, hell yeah I played xbox all weekend and slept 10 hours because that’s how I destress.


‘Did a little digging, did a little burying, how was your weekend?’


Same "Back yard Compost" maker


We are all just compost in training.


Next you'll tell me that vampires are poseurs


You have a part time job in cemetery? 😂😂


My cemetery is DIY! You too can have your very own cemetery! Ask me how! Haha


Who the hell is competitive with their coworkers about their time off lol? I would get another job if something as simple as this little small talk opener is not something you can do with your coworkers without weirdness. I enjoy hearing about either the cool things or boring or difficult things my coworkers did on their free time or vacation. If your boss makes you think you have to justify your time off it's your boss and the job, not the question that is the problem.




That is pretty much what people normally do, just say it was fine, elaborate if you want, if not - no problem. Weekend thing is just a casual small talk, not a big deal. Although I know someone whose boss would ask team members during weekly team meeting to elaborate on their weekend in front of everyone. That sort of thing is total bs, but that manager is an idiot lacking social awareness. It's not so common. Possibly, OP is in some toxic environment, or he is taking this too seriously, who knows.


Insecurity mostly. They just ask what OP did on her weekend as an icebreaker. If its nothing, its nothing. If she did something cool, the coworkers can get a new experience. Just seems like OP is jealous that her coworkers do stuff and she does not. If only there was an easy fix…


My coworkers: “What’d you do over the weekend?” “Lazed around, did some basic chores” “Same” This is a decent sized IT office


I assume OP spends their off time just sitting on their ass so when they hear people talking about the things they’ve done OP feels insecure.


Keep it short and sweet, don’t feel obligated to offer a lot of info, the convo will move on. Those convos usually last a minute or two on my team at least


They're just an ice-breaker before talking about work shit or giving out a task. It's not as deep as OP is making it. Few people at work care what you do beyond the office walls.


It's also nice to just have some random bullshit to talk about instead of being 100% work focused all day. One of my co-workers does community theatre, which is cool. Can talk about how that's going. Someone is on a decent sporting team, so can check in and talk about that for a bit. Get TV and movie recommendations etc. And, all the while you learn a bit more about the person and their interests, and can learn about what their interests are too. Even better, sometimes the interests align, and you can share stuff, work on it together etc.


It's an easy way to network or learn new hobbies or even meet new people, being at work for 40 hours (more for a LOT of people, sadly) means you don't have a ton of time to socialize and meet others outside of that. I've learned some pretty cool things from idle chit chat with coworkers on a slow day & tried some new things or places I'd never have known about.


Eh, it’s not really about deeply caring, but it is nice to get a more complete view of the people you’re working with every day. You don’t need to be friends with your colleagues, but the days go by so much faster if you’re at least friendly.


I worked with people like OP in my previous job and it was soul destroying.


I can imagine lol


If you feel like it's like having to justify your time off, you're thinking about it the wrong way. Some people just want to get to know you and/or make conversation.


Seriously. I just want to be friendly with the people I spend most my time with. Fuck me right?


I think most people ask so that they can talk about what they did.


My weekends are pretty boring. I'm just trying to make 5 minutes of small talk before spending the next 10 hours reading boring bs and putting out fires.


It’s literally just something to talk about. Showing up to a place where no one says good morning and asks how you are doing is depressing as shit.


It’s just the most basic of basic questions to open up a meeting or new work week with while you wait for everyone to filter into the meeting room/google meet etc. Seriously how did you manage to even pass the interview if you can’t answer the question “what did you do last weekend?” Without feeling like you’re being attacked lol




Yeah no one gives a shit past high school what you do in your free time lol Honestly if your answer was “literally nothing slept in and watched a new show” everyone I’ve ever worked with would say that sounds glorious, everyone’s adults and tired half the time, they get it lol.


I ask because I'm shy. It's something to talk about. And I can ask them follow up questions or relate to it. It's a pretty simple conversation to have as a shy person. Having other people talk about themselves is a lot easier than me talking about myself.


I ask because I like talking to my coworkers


Hard disagree


How was your weekend? Great I was so grateful for the much needed time off. walk away edit. just thought of a punch up: (as you walk away with a smile) proclaim ‘back to work!’


I always go with. "It was great, i wasn't here!"


God forbid that redditors have to socialize with people


>God forbid that redditors have to socialize with people Redditors are hardly people.


Can confirm, I'm actually a goblin.


do you have any loot




I just assume you are all bots unless proven otherwise.


Seriously. It's like they can't comprehend that the people they see day in and day out might want to occasionally have a pleasant, innocuous chat in a spare moment to break up the monotony of a boring work day.


Dont you understand that all social interaction is some form of harassment and trying to even comprehend my existence literally makes you hitler? Fuck dude, get with the times.


This is said as a joke, but there are far too many subs where this would not be. Oh and it would be a normal thing to say on Twitter.


Basically. I'm a huge advocate for the idea that the covid pandemic ruined our social climate and has made people horrified of even talking to someone. Like before then I could at least talk to people out on the street but now it feels like everyone avoids each other like the plague :(


I feel like the solution to that will just be time. But I think this notion from progressive activism that basically any socialization can be harassment is insane. There was a post on r/crossfit yesterday or the day before of a woman who just started working out again and was being “harassed” by her male coworkers for “wanting to look good for dating”. She went off about how she has all of these confidence issues and its obvious she doesn’t understand social interactions either. Guys make comments to each other about this exact thing all the time, because that’s the whole point of working out. She took it as something she needed to go to HR about and file a sexual harassment claim, garnering support from the sub that “no one has the right to make jokes about you!!!”. Except not a single person knows the context of what was said, for all we know it was said as playful banter between friends or someone trying to be social…because some people value having social interactions with their coworkers rather than someone who self-admittedly struggles dating and self-confidence issues. It was all really cringe seeing the massive support for defending what was essentially someone who can’t pick up on social cues and interactions.


And that it can have real effects on your work environment and future. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that people that are well-liked AND good at their jobs tend to fair better than silent teammates who refuse to interact but are good at their jobs. You don’t have to lie or be fake cheerful, but treating your coworkers like humans and not robots or non-entities is always a plus.


Never ask a woman her age Never ask a man his height Never ask a redditor if he went outside on Saturday


That's what I'm saying


Lmao yea,like most people won't even care what he did. It's just a small thing people ask each other. That dude overthinks about it


Agree. It's just small talk ffs...


I'm reporting you to HR


Right, this post reeks of "I don't want to talk to people, ever." coupled with "Why don't I have any friends?" If you ask people about their weekend they'll possibly open up about their interests and hobbies which might be in common with yours. That's how you make friends.


Being interested in your friends lives is trying to one up them lol


I tell them I sat in a dark corner and waited for Monday every single time they ask


Same. Same. Same. I give the same answer every week. “I did my favorite thing!” and then everyone is unison says “nothing!” and then I confirm that I did absolutely nothing and it’s honestly like a running bit for the office at this point


I have a coworker that has this bit too, *what are you doing this weekend?* *not a god damn thing if I can help it*


Add in "while browsing Reddit" and this becomes more of an uncomfortable truth than I really care to admit.


Spent the weekend waiting for the sweet release that death may bring, but all I got was Monday. So, here I am.


"I've been waiting 60 hours for you to ask me that!"


I think you really dislike your coworkers. 😂


Tbh I'd feel the same way as you if I was still in my first job. I was young, didn't earn enough to do anything with it and was too lazy to do stuff on the weekends. I felt awkward every time people asked. I got more confident over time and gradually did more things over the weekend and got better teams. I now see it as an ice breaker with everyone and genuinely nobody cares if you did nothing and chilled. I do genuinely tell me them if I've had a shit time or played games for 12 hours straight lol. If you have a nice team you don't have the need to one up them.


you're truly insecure or envious or just simply put, a downer. People get excited to talk about things they are passionate about. all of your other comments paint this entire picture. Dont be so apathetic.


I feel where you're coming from but I don't think much of it. Most of my answers are "just caught up on the things I can't do when I'm here!"




The actual sub sucks ass, but you’re right this post is an absolute reddit moment lol.


OP took the most convenient ice breaker ever off the table and didn't even suggest a replacement, smh.


I hate to agree, but yah. This seems more like op feels like he needs to justify his time off to himself more than his coworkers. I tell my coworkers i was a lazy asshole and painted miniature and played video games all weekend and their think thats sounds like a fun weekend.


I don't know about you or your coworkers but I use that as an ice breaker, I actually don't care what you did during your time off...I'm just looking for a conversation topic I can segue off of.


This should be the top post. Literally nobody cares about the answer, it's just an obvious jumping off point.


Shit, don’t tell me this whole time that’s how you spell ‘segway’


No, they just started that yesterday, so you’re good


It’s literally how people find common ground. “How was your weekend?” “I saw a concert” “No way me too! Which one?” “The Best Little Swing Band in Texas” “Whoah I was there too!” “Hah that’s funny. What’s your favorite song?” Or something like that. Small talk is the foreplay of conversation. You can’t just got in raw dogging it unless you already know that person well enough that they can handle that


it can be awkward to explain to your colleagues that you spent your weekend experiencing cannabis induced oceanic boundlessness




Grow up. They are just trying to be nice with you and foment conversation.


Exactly. They don't want to be at work either and are just trying to be nice and kill off a few minutes.


How *dare* they be a real, human person who *also* just want a paycheck. They all should be executed for daring to bother our Lord and Savior, OP.


This is what I interpret from 90% of complaints about small talk. Like damn, sorry to disturb your euphoric enlightened brain by talking about my boring ol’ life.


Youre overthinking it. I asked my coworker how his weekend was. There were only 2 of us there. Sometimes people are just interested in you or being polite.


Or the conversation I have about a dozen times a day ;" "Morning" "morning" "you alright?" "Yeah you".


That question always catches me off guard. I have to think, "what did I do? was it interesting? did it go well? "


Oh god at my workplace we have a manager who forces each person to state something they did over the weekend. And I can’t just resort to, “It was good,” because she’ll pressure us into giving more details. Like fine, I went to Shrekfest. Happy??? Edit: Not gaslight. Peer pressure. Fixed it.




You must be miserable.


Check out their post history, they really are. Anyone who posts that often on r/AITA and r/unpopularopinions must be challenging company.


You put that in the nicest way possible


What a very reddit thing to say


You just give a vague answer like, "I got to recharge the batteries". Problem solved. Crisis averted. Spare me the dramatics.


Where the fuck do you work that has made you so bitter towards people just being friendly? Asking how your weekend is is just normal light conversation. A lot of times, my coworkers just say they relaxed and it was nice time off. No one is in competition with weekend activities….


They were in the city of London in corporate finance. Everything is a competition there. Its why most people are burned out by 40 and on the scrapheap at 50


"I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be."


I don’t get why people are hating on you. This is an unpopular opinion on a subreddit where people post unpopular opinions. I don’t see the need for people to tell OP what they are doing wrong. Just upvote/downvote and be on your merry way.


Yes! Why is everyone psychoanalyzing OP?


Well Jimmy, I don’t see how that’s any of your business…


I usually say “I had some lie-ins and some kfc. It was an excellent weekend”. Lie-ins always winds up the parents in the group, kfc winds up those who cannot eat the colonels nectar on a whim and my overall cheer persuades people not to question further


I enjoy responding with something awkward or dramatic like "I layed on my couch and cried while emotionally eating tubs of whipped cream" and watch them either show empathy or become uncomfortable lol


I don' think is unpopular... it's just one of those things we do to break the ice on a Monday morning. An appropriate answer on my part is "Absolutely nothing, I slave away so much during the week for crap wages that I've lost all will to live by the weekend and just slob around the house waiting for the impending dread of Monday"


Or just learn to always say the same thing - oh boring, nothing new just hung around the house. You don't need to know anything about me, my family or what I enjoy doing when I'm not at work. They are asking to report on you if you happen to do something they can use against you...never trust co-workers. I'm friendly from 9 to 5, nothing more. If it can be avoided I don't even give it my birthday or correct age.


Op this is literally just small talk. There’s no deeper meaning behind it. I work in a client based industry and I always ask what they did on their weekend. Do I actually care? No. I just need something banal to talk about.


It's really them trying to make conversation and possibly bond with you.


One of those necessary evils. If you truly don't want to engage, then answer with whatever you did on your time off, but don't ask about theirs. Just politely walk off, engage with someone else, or change the subject. After a few times of you showing you don't care in a way they can't really call you on without a weird conversation, they'll give up.


It depends. At one of my jobs, I have tons of coworkers so yeah. At the other, I have 3 that I see in person usually. It’s a bit different


I don’t mind that. I mind when someone asks me if I’m busy this certain day or are you off whatever day so when you say yes or no, they can try to trap you into something.


“I laid in bed all day” usually gets a “that sounds so nice” response


Most people are boring. Most people do nothing. Most people have a ‘good’ weekend by nature of it not being work. That’s it rinse and repeat.


Sounds like a you problem.


Get over yourself. People are just making polite conversation as they acclimate back to the workplace.


Come up with answers that are short and sweet and repeat them every time with different variations I also don't like those types of questions but you can respectfully end the conversation pretty quickly


Hookers and blow, what about you?


Thank you. This helps me want to spend less time getting to know them.


I enjoy making up slightly outlandish stories.


"Got myself off 7 times on my newly discovered daddy/mommy kink. Also turns out Im bisexual. What about you?"


I've found that when I tell them I mostly just jerked off all weekend, they won't ask me again. I also just realized they don't ask me anymore, instead they just say "hope you had a good weekend!" -)


Extroverts love asking this question because it gives them license to talk...and talk


I've started always just replying with "better then this" to the ever so prevalent "so how was your weekend" question, and now some people at work think I just don't want to talk to them and some people are right. But I'm usually pretty nice to everyone I just don't like discussing my home life at work


I think this is part of a bigger topic: I do NOT have to be friends with my coworkers. I can be a professional, and complete my job to a high standard, without ever having friendships at work.


Those must be the same people who, no matter HOW LONG after New Years say “Happy New Year” just because they haven’t talked to you in the new year EVEN THOUGH ITS FUCKING MARCH!!!


"Fine" End of issue. I don't know why you couldn't come up with that, but there you go - a solution to your problem.


My response every first day back is ‘I did fucking nothing and I enjoyed every second of it’


Even worse is *"Do you have any fun plans this weekend!?"* I've finally perfected my response... *"Nope."* Cue awkward silence.


There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing. I love nothing lol.


They're just trying to be friendly. They don't really care. Just tell them to fuck off if you're so offended. They won't bother you again.


I like to hear what others have done. It is a good way to learn about cool activities/destinations in the area. You can get inspired for next weekend!


I always say I sat on my ass playing videogames. I couldn't care less what others think about how I spend my time. Fuck em


“You know how sometimes they say no news is good news? I have no news, and enjoyed my weekend off, ready to tackle this week now.”


We have an on call rotation so we avoid asking that.


Start making shit up haha. If your colleagues are really like this, just get creative 🤷‍♀️


Ate chicken nuggets and rewatched 24. Then I dare them to one-up that.


"It was great! I got my normally prudish girlfriend to take an edible and she almost let me finish in her mouth! Plus, we went to a Neapolitan pizza place in Orange County we just read about...but not in that order. How was your weekend, Nathan?"




OP I feel you. When they try to one-up you, respond like this:...."yeah, well, I have pictures of your mom" Awkward situation diffused. No need to thank me.


How was your weekend? Good. What did you do? Not work.


That, or “are you okay” like 4 or 5 times a day




Definitely unpopular. Take my upvote. What kind of miserable fuck can't share the tiniest amount of joy for another person who had a good time? I consider this type of conversation a mutual celebration of the desire not to work, that I expect all my colleagues to have. We don't want to work. What do we do when we don't have to work?


I got stoned, drunk, banged Lucy, told Lahey to F-off, burned down my dad's trailer (which was kinda Bubbles fault) and ate 9 cans of ravioli.


My coworkers and I are super friendly with each other. We always ask this and nobody one-ups anyone. If someone was lazy we praise the person for taking the time to decompress


I always dislike this too. I usually just say "good" and that is good enough, but sometimes they do want to know more and I draw a blank cause I didn't do anything remotely interesting during the weekends and so I have to change the subject. It's hard but I know they don't have Ill-intentions just want to know more about you and make small talk.


Yeah drawing a blank is the awkward bit definitely!


I don’t care what any of my boomer coworkers did over the weekend. Please just give me an office with a door so I can get my work done early, then scroll Reddit, and trade stocks like a degenerate. I really don’t give a fuck what most ppl do in their free time; just give me more free time by not bombarding me with small talk.


Same! Fuck the chit chat, I just wanna go home.


Jesus christ, this. Some of us actually have work to do and a goal to complete and dont want to be bothered by your unimportant nonsense


Ik it’s unpopular opinion, but it’s lowkey depressing when I read antisocial stuff like this on Reddit.


God forbid i socialize with coworkers


Lol, what a miserable dick. God forbid people try to be nice and ask about your weekend.


Op just hates that he's a lazy and never does anything and feels ashamed about it when people try to connect with him.


Are you talking specifically about in a group work setting or, just like anyone ever asking?


Nah I love saying I didn’t do shit but relax


I don't consider myself friends with my colleagues, but I do like them and don't think having a pleasant conversation that doesn't involve work is the end of the world when I have the bandwidth. I'd rather do anything than work lol.


Well considering my only coworker is my good friend, I don't mind at all.


I have migraines and people would ask how my day was the day after a migraine …I would say it was shit I slept all day and people say “I’m jealous” …like no. I wish I could have done anything else but was in so much pain I had to sleep! So frustrating. Haha.


I’m completely good with saying “ah, nothing I just bummed around the house and played video games. It was glorious.”


It sounds more like a culture issue than a general thing. I've worked in environments where your opinion holds very true and I felt the same but there are environments where your coworkers actually care and you can feel comfortable saying whatever


The less you did the better


I work Saturday to Tuesday and first thing Monday morning everyone always asks how my weekend was... Well I worked again, ya know the same as the last 52 weekends so not too good, but check back with me next Monday


My workmates and I love sharing. Also gives us a sense of connection and inside jokes we can vibe off of to overcome the intensity of peak seasons and days working retail.


Yeh I agree. I usually just say, oh I did some yard work or cleaned my house. But in reality I just sat on my ass and watched tv or played video games lol


I don't think there is always a one-up-manship battle, but I do wish that people would stop this inane practice just because I don't want to hear about their weekend or share mine. I just wanna work. If I was friends with them, it would be different.


There’s a line from a film called Office Space. When a coworker didn’t show up for work, a friend asked him why did he do. The man cheerfully stated; “Nothing. I did absolutely nothing, and it felt better than I could dream.” Shut these people down! Keep telling them that on Monday mornings and eventually they’ll surely drop it. Plus, there’s not a damn thing wrong with doing “absolutely nothing”. It kind of gives you a reset.


I’d be fine if they just stop talking to me altogether.


"Good, same old same old" Every week it's so annoying


I don't think this is unpopular at all. It's just that most people have a hard time making small talk, and traditionally asking about someones' days off is considered polite. And it's actually a great way of building rapport and a relationship when people are genuinely interested. It's just that, the practice is copied by people who mean well, but execute it poorly, and that in-turn is copied by people just trying to blend in, and that's where things feel off. And that isn't helped by people who can't bring themselves to be honest about the question or the people asking the question. That is: it's hard to say, "my weekend was shit, for this reason" to a colleague you don't hate, but also aren't ready to or do not want to "let in" to your inner circle.


I don't like being asked, but not because of one upmanship, but because during our team meetings in the beginning of the week, most of us just say we didn't do anything, which is how we spend most of our weekends. But it's not too bad.


I don’t know about the one-upping, but I dislike it because it’s such go-to small talk that no one actually cares about. When the same people ask each other the same question every Monday, it eventually becomes apparent that the interest is disingenuous.


Yea this seems like it all on OP if you didn't do a lot you can simply say you relaxed and had a great rest. Sounds like people are just being friendly and OP is insecure about not doing much outside of work but really no ones fussed just making polite conversation seeing what everyone was up to I mean you have to spend a lot of time with work colleagues it's easier if you're all friendly and get along.


lol had a Monday morning meeting of about 10 people, someone asked that question and no one responded. I felt like everyone was on the same page, it’s Monday let’s just get this fucking day over with.


WTF are we supposed to say, then?