Smoking is slowly falling away compared to how bad it used to be which is good but yeah vaping, while possibly not as bad, is still on the rise


How do you know though like people were not smoking darts in bed well unless you were a filthy Bogan or your name was sharon and you hated your husband and drunk bourbon every day. But with vapes people vape everywhere all day even taking a shit have a vape although years ago I do remember few times taking a shit having a dart. Hey was nice view out the apartment bathroom window I know smokers who smoked darts for years who now vape and think its addictive asf.


Studies show that vaping is actually more addictive than traditional cigarettes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6651627/


But doesn’t fuck up your lungs with tar


But creates moisture on your lungs which leads to Pneumonia


Vape liquid doesn’t contain water. If you are talking about the illness that happened in the USA it was from black market weed cartridges which had oils in them.


You put liquid in the coil or whatever to smoke it so where’s all that smoke going? Layering in your lungs. At the end of the day they are both as bad as each other


Marketing, addictive chemicals, and peer pressure.


Recently, I saw a teen girl smoking and vaping simultaneously. I think they are struggling for attention…


Completely agree! I got hooked when I was 17 and I spent 4 years trying to beat my vaping addiction. I was only able to stop when I found out I was pregnant because I knew it wasn’t just my body anymore. I am proud to say I’ve gone 5 months without vaping! This is incredible for me, 6 months ago I hated vaping but I couldn’t ever see an end to it. I am so proud of myself.


Congratulations, im proud of youu!


Thank you very much! :)


It's considered regular in my school


Lol! Like i know it isnt a bad thing. But its pretty recent that teenager have been forbidden to smoke. But since the invention of modern tabacco they always did! I mean, we didnt need marketing when I grew up (90's france) and most of my friend were smoking at 13yo. I mean lets be honest, they want to be cool like we wanted. But like most of my friend we stopped.


Lol maybe where you are, here they treat them like second class citizens.


I took up vaping to help stop smoking. I quit the cigs, but the vaping actually made the addiction worse. I wasn't constrained to going outside every few hours, so I was just vaping non-stop in the house and car and everywhere I went. I literally had to go back to cigs to get my nicotine use down to the point where I even have a shot at quitting now. When I first switched back to cigs from vaping, I needed twice as many cigs to not feel nicotine withdrawal. I have weaned myself down to 4 cigs a day, so it takes 5 days to go through an entire pack. Eventually I'll get it down to none. I deeply regret the first time I tried nicotine. I'd had zero interest in it, but someone applied a bit of peer pressure when I was young, and I thought "just this once won't make me addicted". Um, nope. Nicotine is awful and about as addicting as it gets. I was so hopeful there when smoking became regarded as gross, that it could finally end. Then vaping popped up, and the addiction cycle continues.


I'm a bit more concerned with their high anxiety levels and suicidal tendencies. If smoking helps, let them.


If destroying their lungs and the enivorment helps, let them.


If killing people helped me feel less anxiety- Oh wait, that’s not a good point now is it lol.


I’m a bit more concerned about them fucking up their lives due to smoking, just because it’s something that quote n quote “helps” teenagers feel better, it doesn’t mean it’s okay. Some depressed people “feel better” whenever they hurt them selves but just because they claim it helps would you still really be okay with that?


My solution to my mental problems in college was booze. It wasn't a partying thing, and I didn't make any funny memories, at least, not any that weren't dwarfed by the problems. I have stopped drinking. And it's one less problem to deal with.


I watched a short documentary about it the other day. Essentially when e-cigs where introduced, it was like a wild west on advertising. They where barely, if at all, regulated and adverts for vapes where almost exclusively marketed towards younger people with adverts appearing along side children's and teens programming. Vaping companies sponsored YouTube channels and influencers to market their products so of course it was going to be a young demo. Allot of vapes in the earlier days just had blatantly wrong packaging and didn't specify how much nicotine (if it was even labed at all) was in the product. So it was hard to regulate what was going into your body and how much nicotine you where inhailing. Some brands even went into schools to advertise them as "safer then smoking" under the guise of anti smoking education. Often people will compare it to teenagers smoking cigarettes (wich they always have) but really, it's not comparable because of the aggressively targeted advertising. The fact that there still are influences who specifically create content around Vaping is testiment to how engraved it is in youth and Internet culture. With more studies looking into the dangers of Inhailing both nicotine and chemicals like colours and flavourings (that are usually food safe but when vaporised, the chemical compounds can change into something more harmful) many places have begun to ban them complelty. It's thought that just Inhailing the nicotine (sans cigarette smoke) can also put you at risk of smoking related diseases but the studies are all new on that front. Not to mention the hundreds of people who have been injured by faulty vape batteries that literally explode.


Vaping and smoking is how I identify people with low critical thinking skills and polluters. They are also inconsiderate jerks as I am tired of inhaling toxic smoke in the streets, indoors, and in subway cars.


Blame teenagers for that.


Yeah you can blame them for that and they know what they are putting into their body and they still decide to vape


What are they putting into their body when they vape ?🤔


Chemicals that can be very addictive


I understand that, but what ?


Well there’s like 15 chemicals but some are nicotine, metal nickel, and acrolein (totally didn’t look some of these up)


Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine salt, flavour. That’s what’s listed on the bottle


If you can sell something to kids, or young adults basically kids, then it will be done because it *will* make profits.


Like it or not the people who will smoke cigs, dope, or chooch are gonna do their thing. They don't care.




At somepoint you just have to wait until something horrible and preventive happens to them, and then they’ll finally understand all the red flags along the way.


It's not even legal.


smoking was normalised for teenagers when it was invented


I see vapers a lot but not smokers anymore. Poor mental health access makes this normalized in a lot of countries


At my high school in the 1970’s, if you had a note signed by a parent you were issued a smoking permit


Yeah it's really sad.


Shut up, don't get in the way of our money!


And then you’re “boring” if you don’t do it.


The trend is thankfully going away where I live. Fewer and fewer young people are smoking and vaping. But stuffing little bags of snuff tobacco under the lip is still very common.


I was pissed when I found out they have flavors and colorful cartridges and all this s*** because I knew it would appeal to teens and they did it on purpose. Popcorn lung is a real thing. I've never been attracted to smoking anything. But especially when both my back apartment neighbors died from lung cancer within months of each other


teenagers have never been accused of being the smartest people around


Yet some are stupid enough to start vaping when most know what it does.


which is exactly what i just said


Smoking was normalized for teens quite a long time ago. In the 70's my high school had a smoking area for students. Then health concerns changed that and fewer kids started smoking cigs. I taught in a high school for 30+ years and noticed that sometime around 2010 it seemed to become more of thing.


True it is messed up. But TBH in the 80s we all smoked in my high school and it was mostly privileged, smart kids - proving that teenagers have always been easily swayed by the cO0L fAcToR, I guess. As a parent I had two kids that swore they would never smoke, and even signed the dumb public school anti tobacco "contract" in the 2000s while in high school. Now about 30, they both smoke. Wtf.


P.S. smoke weed, kids. At least it has some positives. But ask your doctor and your parents and your burned out uncle and your therapist first. Maybe ask your neighbor, too (they might be holding).


Juul doesn't think so.


Cleaning out the gene pool. It literally says on the package it causes cancer. I wish they’d double up and get out of the way


The amount of teenage smokers has reduced exponentially in the past few decades. We are making progress.