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There's no easy fix honestly, you need to walk it off or occupy yourself and whether the storm, and obviously don't back to doing it. Your other option is to just get it out, and start over clean again. Consider edging as relapse for now own.


Yeah for me, it feels like starting over is easier. There's this huge brain fog or some sort of hardness after you edge.


Yup, I know all about it. Quitting edging was the best thing I've ever done.


Bro could you elaborate how edging affected you


I think exercises like jumping rope can help you in theory. Its said to increase your serotonin levels which in turn decrease the dopamine levels. I have tried it once now it seems to take compulsion away. But the brain still seems high on dopamine.


Yes those things things help indeed. Yeah, it remains rough, it can take half a day, it's very strong.


I do occupy myself hanging out with people with friends doing things outside but then the second I get back home and I have nothing to do I lose again


Edging is worse than cumming imo like bro you legit fcking your brain up




Nice streak but did you realise nofap is about letting go of porn and masturbation. By edging you are making yourself dependent on the dopamine from constantly playing with your dick, ruining your mental health. It also causes stuff like ED as some in the community have testified.


You pretty much will jizz off just a matter a time if you intentional edged bound to happen.




Lol this place is so cringe


Reset your counter and as i was told go all in or don’t do it at all meaning, just relapse and try again


Edging is worse than porno so firstly dont do it at all 2ndly you need to make blood pump other sides of your body start exercising HIIT or even just pushups and leg raises, everything from the waist down will help I havent done running that sounds awfully painful (blueballs F)


I’m pretty sure blood pumping to your penis making it erect won’t affect your other organs’ blood levels…


try it then edge for very long you will get blue balls your back will hurt your balls will hurt then just excersise. Im on a VERY long streak and have experience in almost everything.


Doesn’t counter my point about blood flow. That’s just increased blood pressure, totally healthy. Your body is working normally


my point was to help in terms of relieving the pain which this is one of the methods that does.


Who were you talking to, OP or me


You have a finite amount of blood, so...


You do realize it’s absurd to say that getting an erection is bad for the quality of blood flow to other organs… it’s pure ‘bro science’. It’s also a low amount of blood, not hundreds of liters. That’s like saying if you cut your hand a little too deep you would lose blood flow overall. Also… your blood does regenerate, or I would be really concerned if it hasn’t since you’ve been an infant. Go pick up a book


I hope you don't have hundreds of liters of blood. Yes, if you cut your hand too deep you will literally lose blood overall. The blood in your penis has to come from somewhere; it's not spontaneously regenerated just for that purpose. I didn't say it would negatively affect performance of your other organs, but I have heard that some men find it hard to think straight when they're fully aroused.


That’s because of hormones. And it was an exaggeration


Why is edging worse than porn?


Edging is watching porn and masterbating without intent to climax. Nofap's intent is to do the opposite, quit watching porn to reset the brain to normal sensitivity to real life partners and not 2D images. Masterbating without intent to orgasm prolongs the super stimulation of the brain, from mabye 10 minutes to being stimulated by porn and masterbating for hours, days, weeks. The entire issue with porn being a supernormal stimuli is that with drinking or food there is a bodily limit(mabye 10 beers, or 4 cheeseburgers...) but edging to porn the body is programmed to spike dopamine for every shocking, novel, and new mate on screen. There is no limiting factor to porn and masterbation other than going to the bathroom or sleep. Edging is actually the worst think people can do. At least with PMO it's one and done after 10 minutes and your brain realizes it screwed up, which isn't to say PMO is good in the slightest, I'm saying edging is like PMO brain damage times 1000.


why do you spell masturbation like that


That's what I wanted to ask too


What if you watch porn but you don't masturbate at all does that still affect you negatively ?


That honestly sounds worse to me. If you’re looking at sex constantly without even masturbating, you’re just training your brain to be completely desensitized to the male/female body.


Maybe a little more nuanced than that... the context is hugely important.


You phrased it perfectly


It messes with your dopamine receptors because you’re always keeping yourself on edge. I also think it’s worse than an O


dopamine being on max its like a constant hit from drugs simple


Am pretty sure no one can edge without porn . It’s the only point of edging it to watch more porn, you sir is so mislead in this topic of nofap z


either yuo got bad imaginations or idk


Excercise. Excercise. Excercise After that a cold shower


Doing this will only prolong the withdrawal crisis


Don't edge for an hour?


The question is about the effects and possible solution. We all knw porn and edging is bad. The question is what is the better solution when you are in this situation?


For me once I edge I always end up relapsing in the coming days, its hard to keep holding off the urge after edging. So now I don't even look at anything overtly sexual which is helping me a lot and the journey rn is so easy


For me I power off whatever the hell im looking at I've been there so many times and nearly failed stopping is so hard and you just keep building pressure until this valve ( your dick) explodes.


Leave everything and go outside or anywhere in public .


Don't buy milk at the liquor store...that's the solution


Go be a smart ass somewhere else.. this guy genuinely wants help/advice and gets your bullshit.. how would you like it? .. “it’d be fun id jab right back tehe “


It's not bullshit....it's solid advice...why is he playing with fire in the first place....don't play with fire


If I were a crack addict...and someone said to me "why do you hang around with all your crack head friends and still have crack in your house...and look at your crack for hours at a time" I'd probably think that's a good idea to get rid of all my drugs and tools out of the house so I'm not tempted to use them...that wasn't a jab at all bro calm your tits


Yeah well except that he’s not one, he’s a guy trying to better himself. If what you just posted was replaced with fapping then yeah I might agree with you.. but as is I was like damn that was harsh


Totally wasnt trying to be harsh or an asshole but sometimes hard truths are necessary. I want everybody to be better versions of themselves here, not wasting valuable time starting at the screen or playing with their jimmy...and sometimes the best solution is not to be there in the first place. I wish you the best in your journey as well, we are in this together


Don't buy milk at the liquor storr


Bad answer. We seek help here. You are welcome to remove your comment. And those who liked it, to unlike it. Edgin is not a joke. We all do or did Somewhere/somehow.


Yea fuck off


You are definitely a strong relapser with such an attitude.


And you are fucking delusional thinking I'm going to remove my comment...like I said...fuck off


Then you've failed nofap brother. Time to start again. Nofap isn't about to cumming. It's about getting over this addiction and you'll stay hooked as long as you partake in activities like this. That's what makes porn so dangerous, first it tells you that " it will only be justna peek", then edging then cumming


restart counter


There is no benefit to orgasm to "get it out and start over". This is a mental addiction and the issue is tying orgasm to viewing 2 dimensional images and audio. Cravings go away after 20-30 minutes if you ignore them. What your question seems to be is "after cravings go away after 30 minutes, is there benefit to cumming?" The answer is absolutely not, because the body immediately heals and starts returning to normal sensitivity immediately when you ignore cravings. The issue being that the brain still thinks there is a benefit to viewing porn, which there obviously is zero. The other aspect is the brain thinks there is benefit to orgasm(relieve tension, stress, you get to "start over"). The brain is giving you false messages the whole time to tell you things that are against your self interest. How backwards of thinking is it to say that I want to practice nofap, and you give up because your brain, not you as a person, tells you to fap?


Imagine there is a demon making you want to edge. That demon is feeding off the negative energies you are putting out when you edge. Feeding on you... imaginary of course. Fight the Demon.


Facts. I imagine this too, maybe it does happen? Demon time


Stop edging?


You relapsed if you edged. Count it as a loss and don’t do it again. If you actually care about making a change you will stop making excuses for yourself.


Cold shower and then don’t do it again


If you can't stand a cold shower, splash some water on your face and go for a run. Then take a cold shower.


Go pee, it will help


really? what abut the dopamine high?


Find a replacement source of dopamine


i won’t reset my streak but i will stop edging from now on, it’s super hard to do and tbh i edge every morning and day, but f*ck that shi* imma stop now


Taoist exercises.


You take Seroquil because if you flood your blood with that much dopamine for too long you’ll experience withdrawal when it’s over. You know Post Nut Clarity? It’s the product of the dopamine wearing off and reality coming back, making a more drastic jump will really mess with your head


Run a mile


how the fuck do you edge for an hour


By not cumming


Edging is not continuously shaking it, it is timed accordingly. It can be a session of 3-5hours sometimes


I can vouch for that.


Very carefully.


Get angry. Go tell PMO to go fuck itself. Do something like going to the gym or wash the dishes, basically just force yourself to do something productive and don't let lethargy take over. It's not going to be easy, but I just like getting angry about the whole situation and doing something that I don't want to, but I know I have to.


I'd suggest take a cold shower and then find any work or chore to distract you




Go to church


I always tell them, if you can't bring yourself to stop edging, you shouldn't even try to be a no fapper


One time that I edged I went to shit and I somehow came without an orgasm while shitting. Edging is really bad you should start over clean.


2 Paths: 1. Orgasm - Will make you feel very tired and like an empty shell afterwards, anxious, and the chaser effect will kick in big time. Hard not to relapse again. 2. Stop - Chaser effect is kicking in already, urges will probably ween off in a day if you distract yourself.


Edging is worse for you then cumming don’t do it dude you’ll get Ed. It’s better for your body to jet let your self cum if you do relapse and watch porn. Also if you watch porn for extended amounts of time is not good for your brain.


Why edge in the first place?


Mhmm honestly I edged for few times (approx 10-15 times) in the journey of 880 days. So, I generally edged and felt pumped up. Used to either go on jog or went to take rest with vivid dreams. But, to be pretty honest, life is also good without edging. I did edge coz there were moments which made me quite high.


Nut and start over


Flick your right nut and either you'll cum from all that edging, or you'll go limp in a second and be all good. PS don't edge, you're setting yourself up for failure


Whats about Edging and then fuck?




To stop edgeing


I could never edge and not finish eventually. Dont plan on trying to start now.


I’m not looking at IG at all or anything like that. Seems opposite of what we’re trying to do here.


WATEER! LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! ​ This really helps with the adrenaline and high heart rate. Helps it wash it off. Also does calm you down in terms of the fog and dopamine. ​ After that, like a muddy pool, just give it some time for the mud to settle down. Thats how ill mention the brain is. ​ You could also after all this go and have a nice cold shower. Wash your head. That should make it all go away.




Just don't edge. it is better if you do not edge at all and stop all porn


reset my counter and try again




Put ice in your pants


Play NBA 2K


Lay down ice Drink water


You might be bothered all day afterwards, and I learned that if I’ve gotten all bothered, release helps and I can get on with my life.










In other words, “What to do after I do almost everything I should not do?” You’re taking a bite of poisonous fruit and asking how to keep from getting poisoned.




Fuck your girl


go pee




how do ppl even edge? i’ve never succeeded. i last for like 5 mins most


Go outside for couple of ours


bro stop trying to not fap, if u want the benefits show your body you’re in control of your urges. make yourself surivive an amount of days and then y can jack off. but if u just keep trying to not fap off at all then this shit will happen


i usually start crying but i do that after being awake for an hour too


your top will pop


Wait what is edging?


Stop edging guy


watchin videos about how to quit porn


Agreed message me


Just remember edging is worse than Porn and porn is worse then just masturbating 😁


I would say if you are edging you lost, because it influences your dopamine. Good luck, go agane