Tried way too many hacks myself but I always come back to the basic principle which is to accept the urges and letting them pass without acting upon them. Clean room, do great in school, journal your thoughts and train will get you a long way. I have always found it easier to accepting the urges when I am happy/proud of myself. Aye thats it Gl Hf!


Yes I can recommend a new hack that I actually just learned this week. from a YouTube. you lay down on your bed. You use your imagination to imagine that you orgasm. Don’t think of any sex or how you got there. You just imagine releasing, all over yourself. It just gets let out. And then you imagine that feeling of stress relief. There’s no more fighting or striving Not to do something. I do try this now and it does work.


Thanks imma give it a try


Keep a journal. Write down your goals and how you want to be seen by others and the skills you’ve always wanted and work on them daily. With practice you’ll see results. Respect yourself, don’t give your attention to negativity or let peer pressure of those below you drag you down to their low level behaviour ex: drugs, sex and alcohol. Elevate everyday, love your parents and be more kind towards yourself and others. Hit the gym and practice calmness.


Try fasting for one or two days a week as it cold the urges... And If u do this shit in future just build a habit of giving chellenge or slight punishment to yourself that you will be fasting the next day or for consecutive days.


I've tried this before but it just excites me for some reason.


Taking a piss works 70% of the time for me. I found out that having to piss (or even a shit) increases the blood flow in the area, and can trigger urges.


you can exercise whenever you're horny, or just don't edge yourself.


I go to gym in hopes of me not feeling horny and it did work for a few days. But i still end up relapsing.


Try when you enter a porn site or got the urge to think about your partner not in a sexual way but in a way that make your dopamine higher. Like thinking you're in a Garden with her... Or if you have a supportive girl Tell her you're having this problem, and we have to solve it together.


Hopefully you're consistently hitting the gym regardless?


Yeah for the past 3weeks


Great job King keep going


Do it to your imagination, not porn. This is gonna make it easier and not as exciting


Read these tips completely https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/phv6q2/new_to_nofap_tips_to_get_started/


the best way for me to kill an urge or get in better mood is meditation. is the closest thing to the thing you asked really (at least for m). however nothing is absolute and you need to change tour whole lifestyle, start cold showering, start excercise, start eating better etc...


Or you can just do it and think about your GF That's not cheating anymore


Realize you are addicted. Ask yourself why you feel like you "need" it. The porn compounds the anxiety you feel. Your bad habit of losing control is a confidence trick. You can stop. Many have. The key to stop fapping is no secret. You just stop. But you don't seem to want to stop, so you keep going. You need to remove that want first, and I'd start by questioning. You'll eventually realize you don't need it and will want to stop forever. Never cut down though; you shouldn't torture yourself with porn diets like once a week or once every 4 days. Don't make yourself watch "safer" things either. You watch porn because you seek novelty, so doing this is also makes you feel like you're depriving yourself. You're young, so erectile dysfunction and all that jazz seems like an eternity away. But know this: old people thought the same. People spend their whole lives watching this crap. I recommend not being silent about it, but if you're scared to talk to others you can at least talk to yourself; question. Be mindful of your habit; don't try to forget that it exists. Try to enjoy life rather than short dopamine bursts and see your habit for what it is: an addiction that brings you down.


The best thing that worked for me (16 as well), I read atomic habits and one of the chapters on how to break bad habits is to make it disgusting. I decided to take it a step forward and made it painful. Everytime I release I put in my mouth some ghost pepper powder, very painful but does the trick. Clean for 90 days and everytime i want to release by myself I think of the consequences and It turns me off. Try it for 2 weeks and see how it works for you.


You just stop


In my opinion there is no shortcuts or tricks to no fap U 1st gotta convince ur self abt yow bad fapping is then build up very high will power , so u will never fap again no Matter how strong the urge is U gotta not let the urge take control of u and it depends on how strong ur will power is


Cut ur dick off


Find out what your triggers are and where you do it and stay away from them. For example: I know I only fap in my room on my bed so as soon as I get up I make my bed and get the fuck out of there. I try to be there as little as possible and If I want or need to be in there I tell myself exactly what I am doing. Aka I am going on my PC to play fallout 4, if it can be done downstairs or somewhere else I will do it. I also identified I fap when I'm in nightwear. So when I get home from work I change into a tracksuit instead and only go into nightwear when I am about to go to bed. I also change into gym clothes as soon as I get up. I identified I fap because I have nothing to do next. It's like a default for me when I'm bored. So I always tell myself what I will do next if it's not my strict morning schedule. A morning schedule that keeps you busy will annilate any morning issues, an light evening schedule and going to bed at the same time every night really helps.


Distract yourself with something you like to do or a new hobby. It could be exercise, skateboarding, drawing, learning about/fixing cars, playing with your pets, etc


Slap your self, the pain will overide the feeling of hornyness


I've tried it but doesn't work on me cuz my mind is like,"you've slapped yourself, now you can fap"


Dump your junk in cold water, it's effective